Larry King loses daughter Chaia, son Andy within weeks of each other

American talk show host and TV legend Larry King has suffered the loss of two of his children within weeks of each other.

Larry King, Chaia King, Andy King
Larry King’s two children die within weeks of each other.

Larry King lost his only daughter Chaia King on Thursday (20 August) after a long battle with lung cancer while his Andy King died suddenly a couple of weeks ago.

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So far it has not been clear what caused Andy King’s death and Larry still hasn’t spoken publicly to any media outlet about the loss his children.

The 86-year-old TV legend adopted his son in 1962 after he married ex-wife Alene while his daughter was born in 1969. At the time of their death, Chaia was 51 years old while Andy was 65.

Larry King has three other sons named Larry King Jr, Cannon and Chance King. The family is said to be distraught after the death of Chaia and Andy.

Alene Akins, Larry’s wife also passed away just a few years ago in 2017.

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