Beggar Wafaa Awad has 1.25 billion Lebanese pounds in Bank

LEBANON: Beggar Wafaa Awad is a billionaire. She has bank account worth 1.25 billion Lebanese pounds.

This Lebanese beggar has been on the streets of Lebanese Sidon town for more than ten years.

The new of Wafaa Awad came to notice following the shut down of the Jammal Trust Bank.

This professional beggar is in possession of nearly 1.33 billion Lebanese pounds (900,000 US Dollars).

The photos of Wafa Awad and her checks have gone viral on social media.

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Local media is reporting the generosity of Lebanese has made this beggar a billionaire.

The case caught eyes of people when the Lebanese beggar went to the bank to transfer her savings to another bank.

Wafaa Awad is definitely richer than the people giving her money in the name of charity.

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Photo Of Wafaa Awad and her checks gone viral

According to the treasury department, the United States sanctioned JTB and it’s subsidiaries for allegedly financing the activities of Hezbollah.

Lebanon’s Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh had then assured JTB’s customers that their deposits were safe and guaranteed.

The photos of two checks bearing name of Wafaa Ahad went viral on social media on Wednesday confirming her financial status.

She had been issued two checks of LBP750,000,000 and LBP589,000,000

She specifically begs in front of a well known hospital. Nurse Hana said, She is a well known beggar and everyone around here knows her. Most of the time she begs at the hospital entrance and she has been begging here for over ten years.

The Lebanese beggar is know by Hajje Wafaa Mohammad Awad and is famous among the residents of Sidon,

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