Watch Physical Examination Of Panda Before Sent to Wild

CHINA: One of the main reasons I want to visit China is none other than Pandas. These adorable creatures are so beautiful and out of this world. Just looking at them brings a smile on any face. Fluffy, cuddly and playful.

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Panda lovers watch two pandas receiving a physical examination in the video below. The examination is taking place in southwest China’s Sichuan Province.

The training of panda to return them to the wild follows a procedure. The physical examination and the pandas have to be injected with ID cards and GPS tracking device. That means the pandas can be monitored easily.

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The Panda is seen laying on the operation table. The panda is injected with an ID chip. The ID chip will be useful if the panda is lost, it will be tracked down easily.

The lights are turned off while scanning the body. After physical examination Panda will recover from the anesthesia within three to four hours.

The procedure does not undermine the health of the panda as suggested by the experts. The ID chip is very small (less than 1cm).

The expert breeders have a wide experience of taking care of the pandas. They have been using these techniques since 2003. The procedure is mature but they are still exploring and experiencing.

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The tests include:

  • The ultrasound
  • Bracelet around the neck with a GPS system
  • The footprints
  • Blood test reports
  • Examination of teeth
  • Examination of fluids and saliva
  • Xray
  • Hair examination

Watch Physical Examination Of Panda Before Sent to Wild

The experts job is very tough and requires a lot of dedication. The pandas are monitored daily. The experts are required to observe and monitor pandas in the wild atleast twice.

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