Prince William Visits Christchurch Mosque

New Zealand: Britain’s Prince William visits Christchurch Mosque where white supremacist shot and killed dozens of Muslim.

Giving a speech at Al Noor Mosque he said the terror act “unspeakable act of hate.”

He also said the terrorist his mission of sowing the seed of hatred and division.

Imam Gamal Fouda and New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern also joined Prince William.

Prince William Visits Christchurch Mosque

Referring to the tragedy on Fifteenth March he said a terrorist tried to sow hatred and division in a place which stands for togetherness and selflessness.

He said I am here to “help you show the world that he failed”.

He also praised the people of New Zealand for showing their support and solidarity to the victims of Christchurch Mosque Attack. Praising he said

“In a moment of acute pain, you stood up and you stood together.

“In reaction to tragedy you achieved something remarkable.”

Kensington Palace shared in a tweet

The Duke of Cambridge meets Farid Ahmad, who lost his wife in the Christchurch mosques terrorist attack.

Farid’s wife Husna Ahmad led a group of children to safety from Al Noor Mosque during the attack but was killed while returning to rescue her husband.

Prince William‘s gesture of love and support is praised by people, which is reflected in one of the tweets

What a remarkable future King we have representing our Comminwealth. Queen Elizabeth II has guided our future Monarch to represent some of the most important issues, regardless of their economic stature. Her legacy will live on through King William.

Kensington Palace: The Duke of Cambridge, speaking at Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand.

“I stand with you in grief for those we have lost, and with support for those who survived.

And I stand with you in the firm belief that the forces of love will always prevail over the forces of hate.”

Prince William visited Al Noor Mosque to meet Imam Gamal Fouda and Muslim community families impacted by the Christchurch mosques terrorist attack in New Zealand.

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Prince William Visits Al Noor Mosque

Kensington Palace :

“To the people of New Zealand and the people of Christchurch – to our Muslim community and all those who have rallied to your side: I stand with you in gratitude for what you have taught the world these past weeks.” – The Duke of Cambridge

Kensington Palace :

“Extremism in all its forms must be defeated.

The message from Christchurch and the message from Al Noor and Linwood mosques could not be more clear: the global ideology of hate will fail to divide us.” — The Duke of Cambridge

Prince William also said

“People of all faiths and backgrounds can learn a great deal from how the Muslim families affected by the 15th of March attacks rallied around their loved ones.”

Prince William also meets four-year-old Alen Alsati and her father Wasseim at Starship Children’s Hospital.

Prince William meets four-year-old Alen Alsati


The duke traveled to New Zealand on behalf of the Queen and at the request of Ms. Ardern.

On the first day of his tour, he performed a traditional greeting called the hongi with Ms. Ardern and attended an Anzac Day memorial service.

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