Shaymaa Posed with Smile in the face of bigotry – Viral Photos

WASHINGTON DC: Shaymaa Ismaa’eel posed with a smile in the face of bigotry and her photo is going viral.

She shared her photos with a smile on social media with a caption
“On April 21st I smiled in the face of bigotry and walked away feeling the greatest form of accomplishment.”

Shaymaa Ismaa’eel was attending a conference of the Islamic Circle of North America in Washington DC on Sunday.

She noticed some Islamophobic protesters holding hateful poster against Islam and Prophet Muhammad.

Shaymaa came up with her own unique was of response and smiled in the face of bigotry. She posed with a smile with a peace sign wearing her hijab.

Her photo has gone viral and she is overwhelmed by the response. Her photo has been like more than 200,000.

Shaymaa lives on the US east coast and works with children with autism.

She was attending the 44th annual Muslim American Society and the Islamic Circle of North America (MAS-ICNA) convention in the US capital.

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That is when she noticed some protesters out side the venue.

She said first day they kept her distance and saw the protest afar.

They had posters and using loudspeakers to spread the hateful anti-Islamic message.

Shaymaa Posed with Smile in the face of bigotry

After watching the protest many time throughout the three days she decided to react.

The posters carried the hateful message and it had written “Islam is the religion of Blood and Murder”

As Prophet Mohammad said ‘Smile is charity’  she said she is like that in person always smiling.

She asked her friend to take her picture.

She wanted them to see her smile.

She wanted to show them, love.

She wanted to counter their hatred with love and smile.

She has been getting good support for peace gesture and has thanked every one.

Thank you everyone for your support! I love you all.

Shaymaa is insta famous now, she better not switch up on me

Shaymaa Ismaa’eel also shared her photo on her Instagram page with the sayings of Prophet Mohammad.

“Kindness is a mark of faith. Those who aren’t kind have no faith.” -Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) 

You are amazing!!! Ur humor and wittiness on this pic to prove ur point is phenomenal!

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