Thailand: Seven years old boy mauled by a pack of 12 wild dogs

THAILAND: Seven years old American boy was mauled by a pack of 12 wild dogs in Thailand. The little boy is recovering in the hospital.

Nolan Anderson was attacked by wild dogs last Saturday morning in front of the sea in Krabi, southern Thailand.

Nolan suffered from multiple dogs bite wounds. His left armpit was seriously injured.

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The incident occurred when Nolan joined his father who was jogging in front of the sea. He sat down to play in the sand while his father exercised in the morning.

The family Thailand vacation turned into a nightmare when suddenly more than 12 wild dogs attacked Nolan. The terrified little boy screamed for help but the wild dogs mercilessly mauled him and tore into his flesh with their vicious teeth mercilessly.

His left under armpit was seriously injured as he raised both his hands to cover his face. The boy sustained multiple bite wounds from the pack of wild dogs.

The father fought off the dogs to protect his little boy and immediately rushed Nolan to the hospital.

Nolan is under treatment and will remain under the supervision of doctors for five days.

Provincial governor Kitibodee Prawit has ordered the immediate capture of the dogs. Seven dogs are already captured. The public health staff is looking for the rest.

The dogs captured will be examined to know if they were carrying any disease or not.

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