Utrecht shooting, One Dead Several Injured

NETHERLANDS: Reports say in Utrecht shooting one person is dead and several are injured.

The gunman is one the run.

A gunman opened fire inside the tram in the Dutch city of Utrecht, killing one and injuring many.

Utrecht shooting, One Dead Several Injured

The surrounding areas of the west of the city has been closed off after the incident.

Emergency services has been deployed at the scene.

The police is investigating for any possible terrorist motive.

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The Dutch government has raised the highest threat level 5.

The police have also instructed the schools to keep their doors locked. Securities have been increased at the schools, mosques, and transportation hubs after the shooting.

The police have there was just one gunman but they are not ruling out the possibility there might be others.

The gunman escaped in the car.

The shooting took place around the 24 Oktoberplein junctions at about 10:45 local time (09:45 GMT).

Three helicopters have been dispatched to provide help to the victims of the Utrecht shooting.

One eyewitness said the man started shooting widely.

Another eyewitness said he saw one injured woman with blood on her clothes and hands. He also said he brought the injured woman into his car and helped her. She was unconscious when the police arrived.

It is still not known the exact number of people who were injured. It is also not known how seriously they were injured.

The spokesman for the police in central Holland said the shooting was over but the police operations were still ongoing.

Witnesses have also said they hear multiple shootings.

It is a serious and worrying situation and due to Utrecht shooting, The Prime Minister Mark Rutte has canceled his weekly coalition meeting.

Security measures are being taken in Netherlands at various locations.

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Schools and Universities have been advised to keep their doors locked and have been instructed to keep students inside.

As a precaution all mosques in Utrecht are closed.

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee have tweeted:

In connection with the situation in #Utrecht is The Royal Military police increased vigilance at the airports and at other vital buildings in The Netherlands.

The municipality of Utrecht has also opened a telephone line for people who have questions about the situation on 24 Octoberplein.

The roads around the 24 Oktoberplein have been asked to keep as free as possible.

Left-hand lanes of motorways leading to Utrecht have been kept free for emergency services.

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