Woman Arrested For Trying to kidnap 2 children at Atlanta Airport

ATLANTA: The incident was captured on video of a woman trying to kidnap two children at Atlanta Airport.

The parents of children fought the woman off Atlanta Airport who allegedly tried to kidnap their children right in from of them.

The incident was captured by a surveillance video on Saturday. Atlanta Police Department has also released the completed video of the incident.

The twelve-minute video shows the accused identified as Esther Daniels of Kansas attempting to seize the stroller of the parents youngest child a baby girl.

The mother of the child fended off the kidnapper.

The footage than shows Daniels managed to grab family’s other child who was also standing nearby. She tried to run with the child in her arms right before the parents. The police and one onlooker present at the scene intervene to rescue the child.

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Minutes later it is seen twenty-six-years old Daniels is chased by a police officer and three other officers pin her down to the ground and capture her.

Police have given a statement that the children were all safe and unharmed in the attempted abduction.

According to information revealed by the authorities, the family was from Lithia Springs, Ga. They were traveling to Disney World.

The family was traveling with their children through  Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, around 5 a.m on June 24, when the woman attempted to abduct two of their children.

Woman Arrested For Trying to kidnap 2 children at Atlanta Airport

Esther Daniels was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital for evaluation. Later she was arrested and charged with kidnapping and obstruction.

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A preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 11.

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