Woman griped by 10ft python in her garage

AUSTRALIA: A woman in Australia finds herself gripped by a massive 10ft python in her garage. Luckily she was rescued by the Queensland police on Thursday.

Queensland Police in their statement said: They received an emergency call from the woman from Stamford Valley. The police officers arrived for her rescue at her home after 7 p.m local time and rescued her.

According to the woman her cat spotted the snake under her car and had cornered the reptile. It all happened when she had gone to work in her garage.

The python wrapped itself around her right leg when she tried to save the serpent. The snake managed to wrap itself around her leg right above her ankle. According to Australian Associated Press the snake was around 6 to 9 feet long.

The bodycam video was released by Queensland Police that showed how the officers helped and rescued the woman from it’s tight grip.

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Woman griped by 10ft python in her garage

The voice recording on the body cam gives the following conversation between the woman and the police officer.

“How you doing? You’re in a bit of a pickle,” said the police officer. Are you feeling ok first of all? Your petting a snake.

The apologetic woman is heard saying if she had a friend over i would have sorted it out. But the officer is heard saying it was the most interesting job they’ve had all day.

The officers on arrival unwrapped the python that had a “vice-like grip” on the woman’s leg. The officers managed to remove the snake and released it into bushes.

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Carpet pythons are commonly found throughout northern, eastern, and southern Australia. They are found living openly in forests, rainforests, coastal areas, rural areas, parks, and suburban gardens.

These species are non-poisonous and grow up to more than 10 feet in length. This species kill it’s prey by constriction. They prey on small mammals, birds and lizards.

They first wrap around their prey and gradually squeeze the animal to death using their powerful muscle and consume it.

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