BJP Email Leaked by Pakistani Hacker


Today Anonymous email from Sniper haxXx a Pakistani hacker who recently hacked two BJP  Indian Political Party’s  districts websites sent to INCPak those BJP email which was sent from some army officer who was guiding to one of the bjp member that what to do next ! the picture of that email is below :- This email clearly show the ...

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Halogen Bulbs – How it is made ?


Halogen bulbs are used in everything from cars to residual lighting, and are similar to ordinary light bulbs. A glass material encases a chamber in which a gas resides, such as argon or nitrogen. At the center is a tungsten filament that burns white hot when it completes an electrical circuit, causing it to emit light. Along with the light, ...

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Eye To Eye With Aamir Liaquat – Roza = Total Makruh

eye to eye

Aamir Liaquat’s show “Amaan Ramazan” airing at iftar and sehri time on Geo TV today featured the most hilarious and the most hated singer of all time Taher Shah the Eye To Eye guy. He sings the song during the show and people are just laughing during his song. And guess what his song makes your roza and the whole ...

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Why Entire Pakistan Hates MALALA ? (Video)

Malala Yousafzai

Why Entire Pakistan Hates MALALA ? The reason behind this recent development may  be Abdul Hai Kakar’s, (the BBC reporter who worked with Malala) recent accounts of how the whole idea came about. Post this, rumors and conspiracy theories questioning the credibility of the 11 years girl’s account are resonating in the surrounds. Essentially, in order to bring about a ...

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BBC documentary against Nawaz Sharif’s corruption


EXCLUSIVE BBC’s Documentary On Nawaz Sharif’s Corruption, The History of this documentary is not based on 2013 but specially with his first term as a Prime Minister of Pakistan, How this wealthy businessman made his place in the politics and became the game changer, In Zia ul Haq era he was Chief Minister of Punjab and somewhat before that, just ...

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