Today Anonymous email from Sniper haxXx a Pakistani hacker who recently hacked two BJP  Indian Political Party’s  districts websites sent to INCPak those BJP email which was sent from some army officer who was guiding to one of the bjp member that what to do next ! the picture of that email is below :-


This email clearly show the propaganda against Baluchistan. like as he said ” Balochistan back to bharat make akhand bharat !. and much more in the sensitive email.

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Halogen bulbs are used in everything from cars to residual lighting, and are similar to ordinary light bulbs. A glass material encases a chamber in which a gas resides, such as argon or nitrogen. At the center is a tungsten filament that burns white hot when it completes an electrical circuit, causing it to emit light. Along with the light, the bulb generates a large amount of heat as well. Halogen lights are different from normal bulbs because the filament is encased in a smaller space, made of quartz instead of glass, since glass would melt due to the extreme heat involved. The gases, instead of being nitrogen or argon, are of the halogen variety.

Halogen Bulbs – How it is made

Pros and cons of halogen lights

The pure white light halogens emit makes them ideal for certain fixtures and situations.

  • For reading and other exacting tasks, the bright light reduces eyestrain.
  • For display lighting, where you want to highlight artwork, photos, crystal or architectural features, the white focused light makes colors appear more vibrant. Halogen spotlights allow pinpoint focus. Using standard bulbs for general lighting in the same room heightens the effect of halogens even more.
  • For outdoor use, halogen floodlights cast a brighter, easier-to-see-by light. And since they last twice as long as standard bulbs, you won’t need to struggle to reach hard-to-access outdoor fixtures as often. They have other benefits too. They’re 10 to 20 percent more energy efficient and cheaper to operate. They burn brighter longer (a halogen bulb will still be cranking out 94 percent of its original light output near the end of its life, while a standard bulb diminishes to a measly 82 percent).

Of course, not everyone or every place loves halogen. They cost at least four times as much and don’t give off that warm glow of a standard bulb we’re accustomed to. And they have an intense glare; they need to be shaded, shielded or directed so the filament isn’t in your line of sight.

Halogen bulbs burn hotter than standard incandescent’s, so care must be taken in their use. It’s possible for the protective outer shell to break and for the inner bulb to continue working (though the outer shells are incredibly durable). This can pose a hazard, as the hot inner bulb can explode if moisture hits it.


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Aamir Liaquat’s show “Amaan Ramazan” airing at iftar and sehri time on Geo TV today featured the most hilarious and the most hated singer of all time Taher Shah the Eye To Eye guy.

He sings the song during the show and people are just laughing during his song. And guess what his song makes your roza and the whole pakistani nation’s roza total makruh.

Amir Liaqat Hussain, “Eye 2 Eye”, With Taher Shah by sheikhchilli
After watching this video one might wonder how can a channel or someone fraud like aamir liaquat do this to the Pakistani Nation? How can he let the worst singer of the world sing a song during people’s roza or even during the holy month of Ramazan. This shows that our media has got no value for the holy month of Ramzan the month that is better than a 1000 months. Seriously its my question to the whole nation why do you watch and why do you call on his show and give his show such credibility?


Taher Shah on his official facebook page has disrespected Aamir Liaquat by himself which shows atleast he is not that shameful like Aamir Liaquat. Check this post my taher shah on his official page:

eye to eye

If you still dont have any idea about Aamir Liaquat’s real image than do see the following videos and judge yourself who you are supporting and watching.

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Why Entire Pakistan Hates MALALA ?

The reason behind this recent development may  be Abdul Hai Kakar’s, (the BBC reporter who worked with Malala) recent accounts of how the whole idea came about. Post this, rumors and conspiracy theories questioning the credibility of the 11 years girl’s account are resonating in the surrounds.

Essentially, in order to bring about a ‘humanitarian angle’ to the situation in Swat and in Northern areas,  as Kakar mentions in his online interview to a newspaper,  how he came up and structured the idea of Swat Diary to be written by a young girl, in order to ‘creatively and objectively portray the situation on ground in Swat’.  The concept was to choose a local girl to ‘express her emotions’ and so  the silenced majority of Swati girls who were denied their right to education were given a face – Malala’s. He further elaborated that with her father’s unresistant willingness to choose Malala for the job, he would phone her up every day so she could narrate the happenings of her area and her reflections on the same.

Now, whether it was Malala’s own narrative or the reporter trying to elicit a formatted response and later manicuring it to pass for a child’s narrative, are questions that seem to disturb a large audience. An audience who had happily credited an 11-year old Swati girl for her surprising maturity and sheer bravery in breaking ideological and physical shackles to raise her voice against injustice. However, my question is, should this be the pivot of importance or the fact that a father was willing to risk his child’s safety and a young girl who feared the least voicing the truth out loud, only to protect her fellows from the austerity Taliban had in ample stocks. Shouldn’t this effort be appreciated instead of being questioned?

Recently, there seems to be a concentrated effort on face book, twitter and other social media forums to justify attack against Malala, calling her a US agent and the whole issue a foreign conspiracy.

‘ Why Malala alone? Why not a dozen of Pakistani women who die of drones everyday or those who become a sacrifice in terrorist activities? Why Obama has his helicopter on hold for only her?   Why prayers are being said for Malala and not for several other daughters attacked and bruised in various terror strikes?’

As a monosyllabic response: True. If you ask for more, what’s the surprise here? This is only our national tragedy to idolize those who manage to blaze the news. The rest deserve a discriminatory attitude and to learn a lesson that to earn one’s basic rights and people’s support, you’ve got to make it to the headlines, else you’re eclipsed.

Hence,  we must put the conspiracy theories to rest, for there are better matters clamoring for attention, including getting rid of the terrorist elements hostaging our children and lands to meet their own ends and our own disposition of noticing things only when they get a hype.



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EXCLUSIVE BBC’s Documentary On Nawaz Sharif’s Corruption, The History of this documentary is not based on 2013 but specially with his first term as a Prime Minister of Pakistan, How this wealthy businessman made his place in the politics and became the game changer, In Zia ul Haq era he was Chief Minister of Punjab and somewhat before that, just a minister.

What we found strange when we searched  GOOGLE we couldn’t find a single document related to this documentary which is shocking, that is one reason Youtube is banned in Pakistan and God only know what else they are hiding but they really don’t want ordinary Pakistani to reach out to those evidences and get to know the reality.

A CO. investigation done by FIA and incharge was Rehman Malik who is Now the interior minister.

Watch this investigative report by BBC on  corruption of Nawaz Sharif’s family,the documentary is called

From Pakistan to Park Lane

EXCLUSIVE- BBC’s Documentary On Nawaz Sharif’s

Let’s face it, the majority of the politicians in Pakistan aren’t milk washed ! they are the most corrupt people in the history of Pakistan, where as none of them got sentenced for these charges, instead same person becomes the Prime Minister again and then we hear that our Judiciary is Independent, From where ?