Recently I went to the bank to re-activate my account, which was done by simply depositing amount, since the account was inactive almost a year, Banks fellas told me that my ATM is no longer functional because they have introduced Debit Card which replaced Smart Card ATM. So I filled up the form ( Part of the Process ) in the end I was asked for the photocopy of my CNIC, which I provided and saying my CNIC has expired ! that’s where bank fellas made a fuzzy face as if I said I am expired.

Anyways they said Debit Card will get issued in a week obtain it from the branch, on which I said no issue, but after two days bank fellas called me and were trying to make me understand The United States Bank of Pakistan’s policy in which it is clearly stated that Expired CNIC is considered as Expired Citizen kindly get your CNIC renewed any apply again.

Now the point is, on this same CNIC I voted, ECP accepted that those who has the expired CNIC can vote since they are still alive citizens of Pakistan, regardless of NADRA fuss, but when my bank account exists there since years and they activated it why can’t they issue the new debit card, The Answer is simple my friend ! Consider yourself Dead if your CNIC is expired.

Unless you are not feeding NADRA fellas least 4 times in your life times you aren’t the citizen, once your CNIC is expired you maybe able to vote but you are alien and dead person as per United State Bank’s policy !

There’s shouldn’t be renewal fee on my nationality and citizenship being as Pakistani first it was 300 now NADRA became smart so Smart Card which is not just computerized but got the chip wow ! Personally I am not against any of there nonsense but I want CNIC is to be free for all the citizen so I am not getting it renewed meanwhile my bank account is active because where there is money concerned — none will say no to you — I have repeated 100s of time my CNIC expired doesn’t mean I am expired, if you want to see the odd look just go to any Cellular Network Sales Center and brief about what you want and whats wrong later say Oh by the way my CNIC is outdated ! The look on his/her face would make you feel like Taliban standing in Pakistan SERIOUSLY and the way they will refuse you as if you are dead meat walking Sorry we can’t help you !  NADRA Policy.

Now NADRA is one hell corrupt wanted / unwanted department I don’t care but what I do care and concerned about is Freeing the CNIC for all Pakistanis, we are Pakistani and our existence shouldn’t get expired if so, NADRA should seize all the accounts / Sims / Properties if they are damn concerned means come on make it more miserable this ain’t enough I am still alive and kicking.

But the verdict is Once your CNIC is expired, Consider yourself Alien and Dead ! not Pakistani unless you don’t feed them 300 to 1500 rupees for nothing.

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  1. Dear…its not usa..nadra makes sure there rules before no id no life so its not about mistrust , whereas voting is allowed which is allowed exceptionally its a government policy ..they r not putting u in jail u r pretending like

    • Why do we have to pay for being the national of this country? Already Death and Taxes and on the TOP to be known as Pakistani being pakistan we have to pay for it? if it makes sense to you then kindly stop the corruption in NADRA department every now and then they are issuing CNIC to Afghanis making illegal , legal.


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