Expired Biscuits free with Lipton Green Tea

Two products for the price of one? Sounds like every consumers dream come true. No seriously, who wouldn’t want a free commodity in this day and age when food prices are skyrocketing. However the food companies seem to have something else in store for their loyal customers. Pay attention to the picture, a free wheatable biscuit packet with Lipton green tea show clearly shows that the biscuits have expired 2 months back.

Lipton Green Tea

Whilst companies main motif is to make profit,that too at the cost of consumer’s health, it is the consumer’s job to check the label before buying the product And I’m sure the big boys up stairs think we aren’t brand loyal. A consumer won’t look for substitutes if the manufacturers provide good quality and in this case incentives (free stuff) if it’s of any use, what am I going to do with expired biscuits can’t even feed them to my dog. Lastly I’d like to finish my rant if you will by just pointing out these people provide us with items we use in our everyday lives at least maintain the iso and other standards they so proudly display on their websites.

Expired Biscuits as Free offer - Lipton Green Tea


By Khwaja Hussam Quasmi

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