India and Pakistan over Kashmir Conflict

There are likely chances of war between India and Pakistan ahead as these both countries excessively increasing their Military capabilities. Recent Cease fire violation in Azad Kashmir ‘Pakistan’ and Jammu Kashmir ‘India’ poonch sector using mortars and exchange of fire reflects the same scenario which we’ve witnessed before in the past Kargil War 1999.

Indian premiere Modi is in no mood to have peaceful relations with Pakistan and Pakistan is not to give up on Kashmir until the dispute is not resolved according to UN security council Suggested ‘ Referendum ‘ by giving a right of self determination So what’s ahead 2016?

In my view things going to get worst between India and Pakistan as India has the access in Afghanistan and ‪#‎PakAfghan‬ relations aren’t friendly these days taking advantage of it. India is penetrating in Kashmir valley to gain more ground access and blame Pakistan for terrorist activities while Pakistan is busy eliminating enemies within the state ‪#‎ZerbEazb‬ Operation

Pakistan have to fight on eastern and western borders which is pretty challenging but Pakistani Army is not just trained but they been fighting constantly infact battle ground is not something new to them and they been fighting with the enemy without uniform ‘Anonymous ‘ still been successful knocking the hideouts so it wouldn’t be difficult to tackle and target Uniformed Enemy.

Pakistan Army’s strategy to combat operations and battle ground, is far superior than Indian Army its obvious that Pakistani soldiers are trained in real time operations conducted against militants and terrorists.

War will break out sooner or later , upcoming talks between New Delhi and Islamabad not going to resolve issues like siachen , Sir Creek , Indus treaty and Kashmir – ‪‎Indians‬ says Pakistan is ruled by Army ‘ Fake puppet government and fake democracy, I agree 100% yes but do you know why? because you have left us with no other option.

Neither india will give up on Kashmir and hand over in a plate to Pakistan nor Pakistan will accept fake ties least the people and Pakistani military won’t. To my fellow Indians we don’t occupy your territory as you claim in your text books Pakistan Held Kashmir instead you are occupying our lands and want us to give up sorry surrender is no option here .

India is trying its best to undo China Pakistan Economic Corridor ‘ CPEC ‘ by funding nationalist in Baluchistan and Tehreek e Indian Taliban damn you Jealous to see Pakistan flourishing moving forward I just want to end on this punch line ‘ Your Military capacity might be 4 times higher than ours but if the war breaks out each son of this soil will be a soldier ready to die and defend‪ Pakistan‬ Right now we just want Srinagar trust me if all stood along with Pakistan Army we may end up conquering and Raising Pakistani Flag on Red Fortress New Delhi .


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