Is it Motorway ( M9 ) Karachi

All my life I called it The Super Highway and I remember the time when it was single road and it was dangerous and very tricky to overtake the vehicle ahead, in 1995 finally super highway became double for up and down both roads were completed after which it was called the motorway M9. But believe or not the only difference is the Motorway police vehicles on it, else this so called Motorway has more Patches than the service lane, Karachi to Khyber all the traffic goes through this. It is hard to imagine that, how easily corruption been done over the decades there hasn’t been any progress so far, lastly I heard that President Asif Ali Zardari has ordered to extend it, Yet there is no implementation on it.

Patches are visible

 It is the most dangerous road specially Patches, if you are driver than I am sure you can understand that The Most Dense Traffic crosses from it almost of all types besides the Railway Train. The concept of the patches completes the Highway turning into Motorway, No indeed it is making more riskier for all, there are no rules, thou they tried to implement speed violation shouldn’t exceed 110 KMPH , 70 Miles per hour but guess what I have witnessed several times Government Vehicles going from here to Interior Sindh like a Wind.

The Incomplete Mosque Since 1990

There’s a mosque at 70 KM from Karachi on the ” SUPER HIGWAY” which I remember as a child seeing just the way it is today, I remember some organization used to collecting  Charity for it back in those days, they collected for several years and still  Masjid  is still in the same shape no constructive work by so called Islamic Charity organization I guess they moved to United States or UK by now, neither the Government is completing it nor the people. Why do people start such things which are highly respectable ( Allah’s Home ) than leave it like this, least I wouldn’t do such thing but surely if I earn enough I will get it completed, I am sure many billionaires has crossed and seen it but none bothers, I will, Inshallah.

About the so called Motorway, Government Must realize that, Make a Way, people have motors, these Patches and Collection of Billions yearly from Tolls goes where? somebody kindly inform to the authorities that people want the proper Motorway its not a joke, so many people has lost their lives and loved ones due to bad road conditions even the buses over speed here thou this Si Fi age when trakkers are normal thing Motorway police can Track down those bus drivers but No ! why bother.

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