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Islamic Banking has nothing to do with State Bank Policies?

Former President Pervaiz Musharaff inaugurated Meezan Bank Ltd, as the First Islamic Bank in Pakistan which is now not just the only one, but several other banks like Burj Bank , Dubai Islamic , Barakat Islamic Bank , Qatar Bank even previous operatives MCB , Faysal Bank , Al-Falah Bank  and many others are on the run. The common question which pops up in my mind that these banks are operating with the TAG ( RIBA FREE ) which means Interest FREE, but on the back end all the banks barrow and lend with other commercial banks and Islamic Banking.What’s the difference than?

State Bank of Pakistan is filled up with Interest which is haram, I don’t understand How Quaid-e-Azam established ( something which is Haram ) to mobilize economy, everyone knows in entire world Jewish Banking System rules, in which Islamic Banking Introduced and working but has anyone tried to know what is going on behind the scene? I was reading the Burj Bank ad in Dawn News Paper about Drive your Dream Car with Takafu ( Insurance system ) and buying a car from them is ISLAMIC BANKING way what about the Bank the way it is dealing on the back with State Bank? Aren’t they paying Interest Rate.

Ofcourse they are, As the way Islam been a TAG for several other means from Taliban till showing your innocence that ” Alhamdullillah, I am Muslim” Thou one has no fear of Allah neither fear the judgement day has no tolerance nor the patience but would happily say I am a muslim when the person even is not counted as a Human for the deeds and sins he has done, Same way Clear my doubt that these banks has nothing to do at the back end with State Bank Policies? Unfortunately it is true.

Islamic Banking system with Jewish Banking doesn’t make any sense to me, If Pakistan wanted to adopt Islamic Bank once for all, than there shouldn’t be ( RIBA ) Interest at all. But without Millions private and government employee would die, suffer to death since the salary is the Interest. One may have a doubt no it is not that way, just make me clear I am not a banker not interested Haram at all, Islamic Banking has nothing to do with State Bank Policies? 

Why do we misuse the religions name for our own benefits here in this world, does the Presidents of these banks are eligible Muslims? employees are die hard Muslims  not even the customers are, Buying a car from any company with in Pakistan or Import already you are paying Interest so why LIE to the people openly in the name of ISLAM.

Farhan Imaan






  1. Mohsin Nazeer

    Dec 9, 2012 at 12:50 pm

    In the name of Islam you can enhance someone emotions and get their pockets emptied.
    It is practices frequently in pakistan.. People without any research follow the footsteps of these persons. They think they have given sadaqah but infact they are emotionally enhanced by such religious group….

    • Farhan Imaan

      Dec 9, 2012 at 1:36 pm

      This is where you and I have to aware the people, we can't teach new tricks to the old dogs but we surely can teach the Youth and next generation, not to be blind folded, not just see but seek ! let's make a difference today for the better tomorrow.

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