Kasur Living Hell : Everyone knows but nobody wants to talk about it

Kasur has turned into living hell for the children regardless of their age and gender they are being raped and murdered one after another, after the recent heart wrenching incident of Seven Years Old Zainab’s Rape and Murder case suddenly social media activists are demanding for the justice although everyone knows who’s behind it but nobody wants to talk about it.

It is shocking that our Intelligence agencies in the bordering city (Kasur) are unaware of these incident? Unbelievable – 12 cases reported so far and Same DNA sample? we are not expecting any breakthrough from the punjab police at all instead they have repeated Model Town Incident alike situation in Kasur couple of days back by straight firing on protesters outside DCO.

INDIA : Minor Girl Gang Raped and Burned Alive

Now that civil society, Media, Social Media, Supreme Court and even so called Punjab Government officials are on it – Why ISI and other agencies are unable to trace this culprit. By Notices, Suo Motto or JITs such incidents won’t stop until Pak Army and Intelligence agencies serious tackle this issue in Kasur.

Is Pakistan Army under-influence of PML-N? Are they totally unaware of these culprits? So what are you waiting for?

To be honest as a Pakistani I am deeply disappointed with our judiciary system after seeing murderers being bailed out and looters are set free. I don’t know what’s there to praise them for? on the other hand we are optionless ruling political party’s elites are doing whatever they want without any hesitation, Our Judiciary has failed to deliver.

Media channels streaming Zainab’s case not to put the pressure on the government but for their own rating at this time Pakistan needs unity against such horrific crime and Supreme court have to review the maximum punishment.

Alarming Rape Statistics In India

People are angry and sad at the same time but nobody has forgotten Kasur incident in 2015 – shockingly all 7 accused were bailed out by the court. Speak now or stay silent forever no matter how powerful these animals are they are not as powerful as Allah.

Be Afraid of Allah not the Evil.

Don’t demand justice for Zainab ONLY…. Instead demand JUSTICE FOR ALL ! 


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