Media The Devils Ideology

Media shapes the stories mold the up for viewers to accept it, more than 80 percent News channels , movies and Dramas are based on violence shows exactly what viewers want to see, is there any myth behind media’s devilish ideology

Why people prefer to see death and blood shed it is because their minds are set to kill the demon of the fear inside just by watching it happening on the screen, In reality everyone wants peace but majority living with the cult in their minds piled up with the fear only recognize the destruction, There is nothing new about it, over the time it is not enough for the people to watch fiction movies like Vampires sucking bloods but mind crave for more and more even when it comes to the Gaming world for the kids, you would only see weapons violence bloodshed total chaos than again parents have no issue with their kids playing such violent games.

As the world is moving forward day by day High definition Screens and Smarter technology, the actual meaning of simplifying life is dying being buried somewhere cannot be traced back, Television and the media channels are common tools used since decades, Government backs media to show such things so that all other issues to the public majority cannot be traced such as ” Corruption ” .

Here in Pakistan specially when I am talking about Karachi city, Those who live within Pakistan but never been to Karachi in their point of view If they come here they will die, this is how media has portrayed the image of the City, tune on any channel there wouldn’t be a single day when you wouldn’t see the violence happening in this city. When it is being reported to masses why proper measurements aren’t taken to prevent it from happening if it is really destructive and bad?  is it uncontrollable or Mindset?

No doubt Media is the most powerful source and the tool which can twist and turns lies into reality and reality into the part of belief,  Back in 70s and 80s Television was a source of entertainment while after 9/11 it took the charge of source of terrorism, Instead of doing the right thing, media is constantly pushing television ( Cable ) to make it look more like Hollywood Big Screen Story, They just want to sell the story they aren’t welfare cooperates who came to clean up the mess and serve only love and peace, infact  they are doing the totally opposite job, I live in Karachi and I know the situation in my city is not good but it is not like you cannot go out and do any activity, Politics , Government, Media 3 big Gangs rule out here, life over here is disturbing very much but Government , Politics and Media should play a positive role to control rather than showing it as the uncontrollable.

Media is always in the competition with Movies isn’t news delivered as to knock out your attention from else where, The presentation is being prepared of every channel is the same like how to bake a cake ! no matter how messed up you bake eventually you will call it the cake. like it or not, when media takes on the nerves It regulates each viewer ” Don’t go anywhere we’ll be right back” alerts your brain that people watch ad commercials to prepare for next round to start, How Sick is that….. they gain the access of your mind and you give them like a slave without having a thought why should I accept this slavery? Indeed Masses don’t think they just want to see what they cannot do, mind is always devilish

Back to my point where I started sad but true people want to see death and destruction it is in their nature to see such things which motivates them give them a logical reason that Your Luckier than those you see suffering, just the way in a saying you only see what your eyes wants to see. Indeed it is true, the path we’ve chosen it our own choice else people would have stood up against outrage happening all around the world in the name of religion and the race, etc… how hard it is for Human race to understand that idiots you don’t have alternate planet how much is enough  but we all want more that’s why most of us wait for the upcoming movies since no matter millions before we can watch but our mind controls us rather than we control it, Insanity has no limits.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say just the way everything is going or happening it is gonna get worse until the day when people realize that they didn’t get just got the cable connection to watch media channels but invited violence to please their own  evil brains.

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