Toyota Indus Motor Company to introduce new Hybrid SUV in Pakistan

Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) plans on launching a new Hybrid SUV in Pakistan to compete with upcoming competition from the Hyundai Tucson, Proton Saga or the already launched KIA Sportage.

Toyota Hybrid SUV IMC Hyundai Nishat Hyundai Tucson Sazgar BAIC Proton Saga Indus Motor Company
Toyota plans to launch new Hybrid SUV in Pakistan.

The auto sector in Pakistan has recently seen low sales to the point that some manufacturers like Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) halted production in between because of the stock pile of cars. However, things now seem to be changing as there is more competition coming into Pakistan and rumors say that IMC plans on introducing a new Hybrid SUV on the market.

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Hyundai Nishat is launching new vehicles in Pakistan in a few months according to sources as well as Sazgar BAIC vehicles are coming to Pakistan in a few months through a collaboration between the two companies. Sazgar and BAIC already displayed their new vehicles at the Pakistan Auto Show (PAPS 2020) in Lahore last month.

Even Proton plans to introduce their new vehicles in Pakistan like the Proton Saga and Proton X70 SUV.

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KIA has also launched vehicles in Pakistan recently making a strong comeback so it only seems fair that Toyota Indus Motor Company comes up with something new in order to maintain its market share. That’s where the reports of the new SUV are coming in and according to these reports, Toyota plans on introducing a new Hybrid SUV to compete with the likes of Hyundai Tucson SUV or who knows, maybe even the upcoming Sazgar BAIC Senova X25 subcompact Crossover.

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About the new Toyota Hybrid SUV:

Not much is known about the new Hybrid SUV that is going to be launched since it hasn’t launched anywhere yet. Yes, you heard right, Toyota Indus Motor Company is actually planning on launching a new Hybrid SUV in Pakistan along with the global release of the vehicle which is quite rare to be honest. Usually car manufactures launch vehicles over here years after they are launched abroad.

The new Toyota Hybrid SUV is said to have a 1.8 litre engine but since it will be a Hybird engine, reports say that it will be giving an output close to a 2.4 litre engine capacity.

According to online sources, the Toyota Hybrid SUV will be imported as CBU but later start assembling the vehicle here in Pakistan depending on how it performance in the Pakistani market.

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