Are we a dead Nation?

Looking back in time, my thoughts went to the brutal and atrocious acts of our people, they termed as justice taken in our own hands. The only question that came in my mind was “Are we a dead Nation”. Here i would like to remind few of the incidences that took place, which i haven’t forgotten till date.

A few years back while I was in my office at I.I Choundrigar road, busy with my daily routine, suddenly heard the news that 2 young boys were burnt alive somewhere at M.A.Jinnah Road. The rumor was that the boys burnt were thieves  that they were caught red handed by the shopkeepers, therefore they burnt them alive. Justice done by the people themselves.

The reaction of the people at my office was 2 Thumbs up.Now these are the wise and educated class, they thought that it was the right to do, people like them must be punished, once we start punishing them like this the crime ratio will decrease due to fear. I kept asking and arguing entire office all by myself, I had many questions in my mind, How can we  know they were actually thieves  even if they were, who gives anyone, any right to burn them   alive, even if they were guilty what than. As a responsible citizens it was our duty to hand them over to the authorities rather than taking law in our hands. Nothing in the world justifies burning a human alive.

After few days, news came about the same boys, the story was entirely opposite one of the boy was involved with some girl, he along with his friend went to meet her, they were caught by the girl’s relatives therefore burnt alive.

Two brothers were tortured and brutally murdered inSialkot,Pakistan. The incident took place when the two brothers ended up in a brawl over a local cricket match and injured four people. The people got out raged and decided to take the justice in their own hands. They started beating and torturing them, the torture got so brutal that both the brothers died. The reaction to this murder of the people ofSialkotwas lesson well learned. Worst of all it all happened in front of a police officer.

To me it seems like the worth of a human life has no meaning to us anymore. Any one can to kill any one over petty issues. It happens all before our eyes and we not only ignore but support the wrong. The entire village was watching but did nothing to stop, in my eyes all the villagers present at the scene are equally guilty and murderers.

If you still remember Sarfaraz who was killed by rangers in boat basin ,Benazir Park. The rangers told the media that the boy was a dacoit. Instead of arresting the rangers brutally shot him in presence of media at the incident. The video of entire gloomy scene was shown by media and also, uploaded on youtube. We all saw how Sarfaraz was begging then to take him to the hospital — YAR MUJHAY HOSPITAL TO LAY CHALO — But Rangers didn’t took him till he died on the spot.

 The so called protectors of nation , showed no mercy dacoit or innocent when we have courts and law to punish who on earth has any right to take justice in their hands.

 What has become of this Nation, are we all dead? Why have we become so ignorant. It could happen with me and you. Why don’t we raise our voices at the wrongs happening before our eyes? Why do we decide to close our eyes?  Has humanity died? Does a human life have any value left? Why not stand against the evils of this society.

These are just few cases, I wonder how many more are going through the same evils of society.  How many more Sarfaraz

Are we a Dead Nation ?




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