Government should allow Registration of Non Custom Paid vehicles in Pakistan

Around four years back I published an article on Non Custom Paid vehicles in Pakistan and getting illegally registered, It was not to encourage people to buy NCP vehicles but instead an eye opener that 2 million rupees vehicle can be bought and legalized within half of the price thanks to our Excise and Taxation departments.

In year 2012 Government offered Amnesty Scheme which went successful although, people know the drawbacks and setbacks but eventually they were able to register and legalize these vehicles, unfortunately scheme ended as Zardari’s era ended and Nawaz administration never bothered to re-open registration.

Non Custom Paid vehicles enters mostly from Chaman border, one of the isolated border city of Pakistan with our neighboring country Afghanistan. Recently Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Shareef sacked High ranking Army officials due to their involvement in such activities and strangely they were all from Chaman border, our media never disclosed nor the ISPR about the corruption but nothing remains hidden these days.

Reason why people go for NCP vehicles, because the import duty is 200% and registering a vehicle without FBR certificate / NTN  costs more than double. Which means buying 500,000 PRK vehicle from Japan will cost you 1.5 million excluding registration.  In Zardari’s era Amnesty Scheme was introduced to legalize these non custom paid vehicles over 90,000 were registered according to my knowledge but the figures must be higher, Government generated revenue from this scheme.

In Balochistan and Interior Sindh and Punjab not sure about KPK lots of NCP vehicles are running on the roads with Fake registrations – These vehicles don’t have any documented record, disadvantage owners cannot sell these vehicles in market like normal ones, but they are enjoying luxurious vehicles in almost a quarter of Tax Paid and Registered vehicle on the road.

Non-Custom Paid Vehicles are already in Pakistan so why government paying attention to legalize the registration process like before? After-all massive revenue can be generated and they will be all on record? Just like Amnesty scheme was introduced 2011/12, This government should also introduce 3 month / 90 days amnesty scheme to get these vehicles registered, for how long Non-custom paid vehicles will enter in Pakistan with no record no documentation and no registration easily can be used for any terrorist activities.

Pakistani Government cannot stop them from entering permanently that’s for sure, for a time being strictness on border areas after a while “ Anay do “ let it come. Even lots of WhatsApp and Facebook Groups where these vehicles are being auctioned for multiple purposes. It is better to allow registration and get them legalized after-all these are normal motor vehicles not armored tanks !

It is my request to Federal Interior Minister Ch.Nisar and other officials to seriously think about it, Registration of Non-custom paid vehicles should be allowed, by not doing anything about this issue government is ignoring the facts and the figures.

I am just trying to draw attention because we all know this is happening since decades and without legal solution we cannot stop it. people contact me on my blog to find out how to get these vehicles registered, well I have mentioned on my post as well – That I shared the story after witnessing it all I can do it highlight and urge government to start legalizing non-custom paid vehicles in Pakistan.



  1. NCP car year main 1 week hotw hai usmain yai sary register hoty hain kia ap bata sakty hain k yai kahn or kb hotw hai

  2. Na na na… The government should seize all NCP cars and not only fine to vehicle owners but acution all seized vehicles to recover revenue loss. This is the way to stopp illegal business and discourage other people.

  3. may I know the name of the writer for “Government should allow Registration of Non Custom Paid vehicles in Pakistan” published on May 26, 2016 for contact purpose.

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