Hookah Bars – when the custodians becomes our worst enemies

Hookah smoking was banned in Pakistan long time ago or so I heard. Hookah, ghutka, drugs, the ills of society even though banned by law makes no difference in Pakistan. These hazardous substances are freely and publicly being used ignoring the damage it is causing to our young generation. Hookah bars are openly being operated and no one is there to stop them.


The hookah points are very much in use by the youngsters through out the country. It is becoming a trend among the school and college students and there is no one to stop them nor guide them of it ill effects. Being part of an educational institute of Hyderabad I came to know that students skip their college and hang out in these hookah points. Hyderabad though small city as compared to Karachi has three to four such hookah points in Qasimabad alone and two to three points in Latifabad. They are being operated with supports of the so called custodians of the society. The owners pay Rs.25,000/- daily to the SP of the area to run the points.

 Hookah Bars

The origin of hookah come from the north western province of Indian along the border of Pakistan in Rajisthan and Gujrat nearly a millennia back, but it has now become part of society in east and west alike. We all know that hookah comes in different flavors such as apple, strawberry, and many more. These hookah or sheesha points are also providing drugs such as cocaine, poppy, methamphetamine, heroin , God only knows what else.

This is how the young generation gets destroyed when the custodians becomes our worst enemies. Who is to blame and who will take the responsibility, the educational institutes that have failed to educate the young minds? The parents who are unaware of the whereabouts of their own children? The government who has failed us in almost every thing? The anti narcotics who has failed to stop the flow of drugs into the country? The police force? The society? You and me?

Parents are unaware until they are informed that their child is not coming to college, the government agencies are too corrupt, the society is too blind and nobody cares who is dying because they are not our owns sons and daughters. So how do we end all this? My own students, even though I keep telling them everyday to quit smoking, quit chewing supari, quit this and quit that but I haven’t been able to change them yes to few I have made a difference, what about the rest? It bothers me like hell as I love them all a lot but right now feeling totally helpless.

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