Mistake is the first step to success

In this article, I highlight the importance of “mistake” in one’s journey to success. Success comes in one’s life after many years of struggle that counts as one’s experience. Being a fact in history, every successful person has to face many problems at start. These problems nurture one to exploit his/her potential. Therefore, failures at start should not divert one’s attention from his/her goals. These should build faith and hope, the two necessary ingredients to move on in any kind of circumstances.

Success in life is all about learning from failures. For instance, If a student prepares for exams, but cannot perform up to the mark in exams, it is an indication of poor skills to attempt an exam. After exams student works on improving his/her skills and he get confidence on how to attempt the exams. Finally this approach succeeds him/her. 

Once a great person said, ‘’with every defeat, there is an opportunity to learn’’

Is it true? yes, it is obviously true, because when a person fails, he/she looks into failure in a broad way that helps to create many opportunities. He/she should not lose courage and believe in himself/herself and keep on trying again and again. 

Every successful person is not the top student of class. Mostly successful are the average students in class who are sitting at the back benches. They are used to felling down and rising up. This aspect of average student is advantageous to top grade students, when the average students put their foot in the real life.

At the end, I conclude that we learn from our experiences and should never ever get fed up while responding to mistakes. We should take mistakes as a potential avenue to learning new things. In fact, without mistakes, we can’t do anything. 

Article By Salam un Nisa is Research Associate at COMSATS University Islamabad and may be contacted at [email protected]

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