Public Transport in Karachi

As you can see the Image,This is what it reminds me of the history 1947 when partition took place, on that time trains from India came filled up even on the roof top, still after decades the public transport in Karachi shows the same scenario.

City Government Karachi took the initiative back in 2007, where they started CNG ” Green Buses but the number of buses is still only 50.

where as 5000 Buses are required. Before this Metro Air Conditioned and non Air Conditioned buses were introduced which are not visible on the roads anymore, ETIHAD Tranports holds the majority in karachi, these Mazda T3500 Diesel ( 70s model ) , now convertered on CNG are highly dangerous because most of the buses fitted with cylinder on the roof top or inside under ! That’s 9th Wonder of the world .. Trust me.. !

the seats and there are no rules here ” NO SMOKING ZONE ” ofcourse you can see the bus above does not pass fitness certificate but it is running, mean while it is not hidden from anyone that, Traffic Police from a constable till DIG all are involved in corruption, even if the bus driver gets fined, pays 200 rupees fine and Here I go again on my own…

Public Transport in Karachi


Produced by:
Owais Behra (voice over)
Bilal Zahid (editing)
Aashkar Hussainn (D.O.P)
Hania Arif (D.O.P)
Syeda Mubah (D.O.P)

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2012 can you imagine?

When City Mayor had the charge, least i had the hope that sooner or later, Karachi’s Public Transport issue will get resolved, since there is no Mayor and it’s all in the hands of Administration which does nothing, this is how it looks daily, buses filled not only inside, even males are in female sections with no worries, Traffic Police and Government seems to be hopeless like a disable force against these Yellow Devils. Here people don’t have Subway or Metro Train Service options, The plan was underway in 2007 to start Metro Train Service but after Mayor dismissed and City Government Karachi dissolved, back in the hands of Administrator don’t even know who the hell is now! People have to suffer this on daily basis and they have no other option else private transport but I am sure you all can imagine and understand that not everyone can afford private transport and any mega city such as Karachi, needs Better public Transport than this.

ETIHAD buses don’t get fined much specially on

1. Overloading Passenger

2. Violating Speed limit

3. Stopping anywhere, they want.

4. not using any indication at all, not even Rear Brake light ! Don’t have any.

5. letting people on the roof and charging same fares as those who are inside.

7. Driver / conductor both are Certified by Traffic Police ( No Qualification, No License )

8. Fitness certificate, route permit ( who need this crap  and what for?  )

9. None of the bus driver ever got into Jail ( ETIHAD MAFIA )

0. Traffic Police depends on the bribe now it’s all E-banking so why worry DIG!

Honest Traffic or Police Officer does not have a chance in Karachi, if there are few honest officers they don’t want to get transferred in Karachi because they know Politics and Corruption would either get them suspended or killed. this is how Karachi running, for these yellow devils ” RIDE LIKE A WIND “

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