A New wave of Terrorism in Pakistan and its motives

At this critical time, when political campaigns, corner meetings and public gatherings following the upcoming elections, are on their climax with full momentum; pakistan, once again, has been littered with monster of terrorism following the three successive terrorist attacks on -ANP- in KPK leading to the martyrdom of Haroon Bloor; Bannu also met the same fate; the last and most horrendous & pathetic occurrence is of Mustoong Balochistan claiming casualties of 131 people including the martyrdom of Siraj Risani leader of Baloch National Party leading to collective martyrdom of more than 150 people along with 200 people who got wounded by these catastrophic incidents, has indubitably brought the whole nation under the tragic state of deploration.

Now, the arising question is that; who are the people behind this terrorism and what are their motives? Let’s try to find its causes…

It is an evident fact that since independence of pakistan, it remained embroiled in nternal and external intrigues and rivalries; internal elements include anti pakistan, anti army and anti demoractic forces, sectarians and those who always promoted separatism are some factors that really played an ominous role, in order to debilitate pakistan; in this respect, terrorist organisations residing inside pakistan and separatists from balochistan and other parts of this country basing their case on their different ethnicities are some top factors.

On the other hand, external elements are also not surreptitious from anyone, since Pakistan is surrounded between her two old rivals India in east and Afhanistan in west.
In this respect; Raw of India, Mossad of Israel, NDS of Afganistan, CIA of USA, ISIS, TTP, Jesh Muhammad, Haqqani network and lashkr e Taiba are top external factors.

Now, India; being a top adversary of Pakistan, has based her nefarious great game on proxies and at a time, when elections in pakistan are drawing nearer, India, in order to implement her great game, has gained her roots on soil of Afhanistan, from where she is funding and sponsoring terrorist groups with the strong backing of anti pakistan agencies and these sponsered and funded terrorists have further links with those anti pakistani elements residing in pakistan with whose help their nefarious designs are becoming possible and successful.

The prime motives of these terrorist attacks is to create anarchy, turbulence, lawlessness, chaos and fear among the general masses in order to sabotage elections in pakistan leading to instability and failure of democracy in our country.

Indeed, Siraaj Risani, has been a prime target of these anti pakistan forces including India and Afghanistan, who, being a patriot, blatantly rose his voice for pakistan and its army.

With two successful operations; Zarb e Azab and Radd ul fasad, terrorism from Pakistan has been curtailed to a greater extent and sacrifices of Army, in this regard are commendable as there is no match of them. But, Army alone is not enough to counter this rising wave of terrorism as civil military collaboration is inevitable to dismantle this complete & deep rooted network of terrorists and its backers.

Moreover, Media has to play its unbiased role so that complete coverage can be given to these sensitive state of affairs in order to create awareness among masses leading to national integration as a symbol of strength to those who always rest on their malevolent aim of doing harm to my country.

Above all, fencing of complete western border along with Implementation of National Action Plan are some priority measures that can be of great help in curbing this abominable and destructive act of terrorism.

By : Waseem Shabbir

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