Pakistan ” The Conspiracy Theory ”

On May 28, 1998 Pakistan announced that it had successfully conducted five nuclear tests. The Pakistani Atomic Energy Commission reported that the five nuclear tests conducted on May 28 generated a seismic signal of 5.0 on the Richter scale, with a total yield of up to 40 KT (equivalent TNT). Dr. A.Q. Khan claimed that one device was a boosted fission device and that the other four were sub-kiloton nuclear devices.

On October 8, 1998: Gen. Jahangir Karamat resigned.

No one justified the reason of his resignation ? nor anyone bothered to know ? what exactly was the reason ?

On October 8, 1998: Gen. Musharraf became Army Chief

From May to June 1999: Pakistan and India were involved in Kargil Conflict:

It is worthy to note here that the Mujahideen were trained by Pak Army and not only the top brass of Mujahideen from all movements, but also the relgious and Jihadi mind army personals were sent for Kargil. It was part of the game. Aik teer say do shikar. Jihadi cream ka sifaya and army say bhi Jihadi mind people farigh. The results were 99% as India did not leave anyone escape with the help of US satellites.

12 October 1999: Gen. Musharraf lead the military coup and became chief executive.

In year 2000: The world hears the name of Al-Qaida.

In year 2001: Twin Towers are collapsed. US instantly blames Al-Qaida and Osama bin Laden.

There is a long story of this drama as how it happened.

 US attacked on Afghanistan and dropped all kinds of bombs, dazy cutters, etc. Thousands of Afghanis killed but Osama and Mulla omar could not be found. The big breakthrough was that US forces entered in the neighbor of Pakistan.

In year 2003: US invaded in Iraq on the charges of WMD. Millions of Iraqis killed but a single needle could not be found. US forces got the places in Middle east as before they were sent out from Saudi Arabia.

Now you see that US and NATO forces are present in two main points. One is Afghanistan and second is Middle East. Gen Musharraf already bowed in front of US and allowed them to do whatever they want.

February 5, 2004: Dr. A.Q. Khan was forced to admit nuclear proliferation charges.

In year 2005 Pakistan faced the biggest earthquake of her history. Hundred thousands killed. Surprisingly the whole world came to help, Especially the US helicopters, carriers, in the sensitive area of Kashmir.

WHAT IT A EARTH QUAKE ? OR ELECTRO MAGNETIC PULSE CHARGER ?  , to set flatten under ground close all craves and the ways ? 9.5 ???????? or above 10 ? shock wave were noticed 500 kilo meters radius , more than 2 minutes ? was it really an earth quake ? I doubt.

March 11, 2006: Pakistan foreign minister said in Pugwash conference, to forget past and look future. Gen Musharraf took u-turn long back in 2001.

July 24, 2006: Washington post published report saying that Pakistan is expanding Nuclear program. In the same year

August 26, 2006: Nawab Akbar Bugti killed in an operation. This lead to increase the unrest in Baluchistan. India sped up their interference there by supporting separation movement and funding to Brahdagh Bugti.

December 28, 2007: says that “Failed Pakistan State” raises nuclear threat. In the same year another site said that Pakistan has a threat of becoming a mini sharia state.

Anyhow the country started facing bomb blasts, suicide attacks. I quite remember a column of Dr. Shahid may be in same year, in which an American told him that people will forget Baghdad and Kabul but will know Islamabad for bomb blasts. In the same year Lal Masjid was bombed with phosphorus and the dictator also imposed emergency on 3rd November 2007.

December 27th, 2009 : Former Prime Minister and PPP Chairperson Benazir Bhutto assigned in Rawalpindi, why simply because  she refused to carry forward the US plans of action.

Year 2008: Mr. Zardari and his party (PPP ) took the charge of the country and word Democracy was again floating in the air and minds  US doubled drone attacks in FATA Waziristan. Pakistan’s nuclear installations become under heavy surveillance. US agencies get permission to operate freely, Blackwater ( Xe ) now known as TTP .

Hillary Clinton becomes head of state department, USA. She along with other US dignitaries start expressing their fears about Pakistan’s nuclear assets.

Year 2009: Pakistan runs an operation in Swat for which USA is not happy but has to praise. Pakistan also starts operation in Wazirastan and US leaves free the posts on Afghan border, hence, Taliban can move freely. Pak Army openly expresses reservations on Kerry Lugar bill ( Thou it wasn’t the name of the bill but a person )  and yet the government accepts it.

The war has been focused on Pakistan. It is being said that perhaps Pakistan is the only one place on earth which is a base of terrorists. “Safe Heavens” These terrorists can control Nuclear Weapons. Pak Army is under the blankets of reconciliations. Whenever there is some sensitive issues come to the media, some scandals appears immediately and people start discussing that, instead of the sensitive actual  issue.

Though the country is on the verge of a very critical situation but the President is busy in foreign tours to check the accounts of his wealth. India has deployed her Airforce on the borders and Baluchistan liberation movement has also taken pace. International media has also increased their news about Threats to Pakistan’s nuclear assets, don’t ask me, Just check the news of August 2009.

US Marines enters in pakistan’s airspace and none finds out how, in Abottabad killed Osama Bin Laden taken his body along went back to Afghanistan, yet no evident proof of it was ever declared was it Osama Bin Laden or someone else. But we must appreciate how responsive Air force is. since the Preside Obama called President Zardari to inform him about Osama’s dismissal.

Why every problem has been centralized in Pakistan? Why only Pakistan’s nuclear assets can go in wrong hands. where as Iran is since stone age working on Nuclear? Iran Nuclear Program that is all we get to hear nothing else ? Why world has no problem from India and Israel’s nuclear weapons? Why there hasn’t been any other country except for “ Pakistan ”  is it the time to wake up and see what we have lost so far and how to stop this conspiracy?

Seriously Who’s Idiot and stupid ? blind and deaf, still you believe in Media ! OPEN YOUR EYES


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