United States History with Taliban

The bad image of Islam is being portrayed by Taliban, specially if you have witnessed several videos in which they are holding Holy Quran in one hand and in the other AK47, Chanting Allah O Akber ( GOD Is Greatest ) , Even Hollywood used Taliban in many Block Buster Movies, all thou almost half of the American population doesn’t even know the truth about Taliban.

ColdWarBack in 80s Era, when United States was having cold war with Soviet Union they created Taliban rather than sending their own troops to Afghanistan, this strategy was made along with Gen.Zia-ul-Haq ( President of Pakistan in 80s ) Jointly Inter Service Intelligence Pakistan ISI and CIA ( USA ) gave birth to Taliban trained them well to fight against Soviets, Since they were in Afghanistan for quite a long time, over this period USA considered Taliban’s as a friendly army which was working on their finger tips but after Soviet Union stepped out of Afghanistan Cold War was over and Taliban were left as Orphans without any commanders. This is where Taliban became the brutal force and it was the beginning of the new Era.

Taliban90sIn mid 90s Taliban took control of Kabul ( The Capital of Afghanistan ) and hanged the president , for 6 years Afghanistan was under their commands, in which Pakistan didn’t had any trouble at all, since Taliban were aware of ISI as their masters and creator, after 9/11 , Bush Administration declared War against Terror which was totally wrong idea first they attacked Iraq for the Oil and executed Saddam Hussein on the eve of Muslim Festival ( Eid ) Shameful act, The accusation was Iraq has the weapon of mass destruction, No wonder United States has used Nuclear 60 years back on Japan what would you call it, weapon of mass humanity, they searched entire Iraq but they didn’t find any at all. The War Continued on and even today thou troops has left Iraq but still daily bombing hasn’t ended there. in 2002 they entered in Afghanistan with the help of Pakistani former President Musharraf who given United States a way of land route supplies from Pakistan since there is no other way for Afghanistan to get massive cargo in. It has been more than 10 years and still they are fighting with Taliban.

blackwaterWhat I find Strange that many times here in Pakistan Black Water ( Xe ) personals been arrested and seen but no official word by White House,  Mr.Rehman Malik has a command on flipping off the stories every time anyone has asked him he said ” There are no Black Waters in Pakistan ” well this guy is trained for this, what can I say more, but even US diplomat shooting and killing 2 Pakistani’s in the city of Lahore I am sure everyone in Pakistan must be aware of  Raymond Davis he went to America safely ! Wow what a Justice, American Government Paid to the families and issued them American Nationality ( Passports ) in return and case was REST IN PEACE. Taliban kept Bombing Mosques, Schools , Hospitals , Government Buildings and Killing one of the well-known Politician ( Benazir Bhutto ) in 2007 27th December. Yet nothing is clear so far but along with Her near approx 45,000 Pakistani’s has died, it is not just Taliban but Thanks to United States Advance Technology ( DRONE ) these Drone Attacks since 2007 in South and North Waziristan ( Tribal Areas of Pakistan ) been constantly bombed and every time CIA claims militants were killed.

I have one question to CIA if all the people you kill in Drones are Militants than why don’t you coordinate with Pakistan Army and do the proper operation in these areas, several thousand has died innocent even today it continues, it is to eliminate the militancy or Pakistani’s , Waziristan seems like Stone age place now, most of the people has migrated others cities in Pakistan and abroad as well. what I fear is how can you make a difference which has lost their family or loved ones there and will not react in times ahead no matter where ever they are.

OBLThis is one way United States has badly messed the reputation of the american people, in front of Pakistanis, spreading hatred and claiming eliminating militancy doesn’t seem to work. Taliban has New Version for Pakistani’s too ( Tehrek-e-Taliban Pakistan ) ” Movement of Taliban Pakistan . Now they are totally opposite of the actual Taliban those who belongs to Afghanistan. Osama Bin Ladin killed in Abottabad well, tell you honestly, CNN confirmed back in 2004 that he died due to he was suffering kidney issue but yet again marines came and killed him while their statement was ” Osama Bin Laden was watching Porn Movie of well-known Sunny Leone ” some or the other way United States has to connect India with Pakistan no matter its OBL – sunny leone is Bollywood actress professionally porn star I am wondering Marines saw confirmed than shot him, what ever this OBL was doing had 4 wives at that residence, which were released by Pakistani Government after months sent to Saudia Arabia, what it looks like totally hand-made story since no proof was given in front of the world by Obama Administration, by injecting Hatred these Politicians got nothing better to do and unfortunately people are addictive of television dying to watch the news which from the start till the end filled up with spicy crap.


10 Years is a long time for the war and still there is no solution, neither governments has helped to remove the rust from the hearts of the people since they benefits from it BIG TIME. Pakistani’s been called Terrorist while blind folded world doesn’t realize that we’ve been the victim of this Insane war led by Bush Administration and continued by OBAMA’s . I don’t call terrorist believer of GOD nor follower of any Religion because they are Anti-Humanity and I am against the one who is against humanity. Spread love not hatred we all want peace not  WAR just as the people demonstrate outside White House we protest on the streets but What People can do when Evil forces are higher No one hears our Silent Scream. Taliban’s aren’t too many that United States Forces cannot handle but I don’t know why they have been defeated badly in Afghanistan one after another they keep changing statement and continue brutal drone attacks on Pakistani Soil killing innocents , I am seeking for the fair Justice by the people for the people.


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