Whats ahead in 2013

I am expecting the great changes in the technology in the upcoming year 2013 , Now Nokia after 2 years stepping in Android technology where it would competing Sony and Samsung in the market, as far the Pakistani Market is concerned Qmobile came up with various different phones most of which were good and some where confusing, GFive is improving too and came up with Budget smart Android phones which was really amazing.

What’s ahead in 2013, today 1 Ghz processor is normal in Android phones, but next year Quad Core and Improved Operating system such as 4.2 Jelly Bean will take over, already it has optimized battery and Graphics as Nexus 4 has launched in Market which gives the glance of the upcoming year’s production, Google and Apple are ruling equally as yet, there’s  no comparison of Iphone 5 and Samsung S III both been ruling outclass they aren’t budget phones at all. This is what companies will look forward to make them economical efficient, Budget Smart Phones to capture the market.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to me, to see 20MP camera in 2013 in Android phones, because Nokia already came up with such phones with outclass resolution, people has forgotten to buy Digital Cameras after N8 and N9 by Nokia, back in 2010 we had less choice but now we have multiple choice in market when it comes to Operating Systems. Google constantly pushing ahead to engage Interaction with end users and Microsoft offering Skydrive Space to the users, at this moment it is unclear what would be the new for 13 but so far I can say it for sure, Android will meet the rivals ahead like Windows 8 and compatibility would be the key issue for the users to get the right kind of handset.

Batteries timing issue no long will be heard since Samsung tested and will launch will type of battery which is much efficient and smarter than before in 2013, Nokia moving on Android and working along with Microsoft sure will come with various handsets but the real challenge would be for BlackBerry and Apple since they are totally anti-Clockwise.

Cloud computing going to be easier to access and no longer the memory space would matter, it would be all connected as it is already, but enhanced  I am expecting good changes ahead and phones to get more friendly and economical in 2013.

Farhan Imaan Abro

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  1. 2013 is not far away. Technology is changing so rapidly , seems there will never be an end to technological advances.

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