Khalil ur Rehman slammed by Amir Liaquat and Resham on Live TV

Amir Liaquat and Pakistani actress Resham slammed Khalil ur Rehman last night during the live show of Mansoor Ali Khan where they expressed their opinions about the fight that took place between Khalil and Marvi Sirmed a day prior over the discussion of Aurat March 2020 and the slogan “Mera Jism Meri Marzi (My Body My Choice)”.

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Amir Liaquat and Resham slamming Khalil ur Rehman on Live TV.

Khalil ur Rehman completely lost his temper after Marvi Sirmed interrupted him while he was expressing his opinion on the whole Aurat March and the slogan and said and used very offensive language towards Marvi Sirmed.

There are currently mixed reviews as to who is right with many people supporting Khalil and other bashing him over his attitude and what he said. We however, want to make ourselves clear that WE DO NOT REPRESENT EITHER SIDE and we’re just here to tell our reader about what actually went on.

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Last night, Mansoor Ali Khan took on Khalil ur Rehman along with Pakistani actress Resham and Anchor person Amir Liaquat on live television to listen to what they though on the matter.

They started off with Khalil ur Rehman who presented his argument that the right to a woman’s body belongs to the father, brother and mother who raise her and that it was what our religion dictates. In his opinion the slogan “Mera Jism Meri Marzi” is vulgar.

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The host, Mansoor Ali Khan tried to explain that Mera Jism Meri Marzi meant that no man had the right to touch a woman’s body without permission, that a woman had the right to choose who to marry and that the moral values were still there and it meant to disrespect to the father or brother as stated by Rehman earlier.

The host next turned to Amir Liaquat who was really hard on the Rehman saying that his arguments were invalid and until now he thought that Khalil ur Rehman was just a rude person but now, he thinks that Rehman needs help and medical treatment due to his poor mental health and that the writer and director needs to be put into isolation away from public. Amir Liaquat also said:

Mujay afsos hai k meray Pakistan mei tum ho,

The host next turned to Resham to listen to what she had to say on the matter and she like Amir Liaquat didn’t go easy on Khalil ur Rehman.

Resham started off saying that she highly disagreed with Khalil ur Rehman and his thinking about woman in general. She mentioned the famous dialogue from his drama serial Meray Paas Tum Ho that said “Do Takkay ki Aurat” and Resham said that Khalil who wrote the dialogue:

Khud aaj aik Takkay ka nahi raha

She argued whether he would talk to woman in his own family the way he did with Marvi Sirmd again referring to the “Do Takkay ki Aurat” dialogue saying that he can do that to anyone’s mother or sister.

Khalil ur Rehman has received a lot of hate over what he said but at the same time he is also receiving love from people who say that he’s a true hero for saying all that. The people remain divided on the matter.

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Most celebrities are tweeting against him while much of the public is tweeting in favor of Khalil ur Rehman. Right now multiple hashtags are trending in Pakistan on this very matter of Aurat March 2020 including #AuratMarch, #AuratMarch2020, #WeRejectMeraJismMeriMrzi, #meraJismMeriMarzi, #MeraJismMeriMrzi, #khalilurrehman and #MarviSirmed.

#AuratMarch, #AuratMarch2020, #WeRejectMeraJismMeriMrzi, #meraJismMeriMarzi, #MeraJismMeriMrzi, #khalilurrehman and #MarviSirmed
#AuratMarch, #AuratMarch2020, #WeRejectMeraJismMeriMrzi, #meraJismMeriMarzi, #MeraJismMeriMrzi, #khalilurrehman and #MarviSirmed
#AuratMarch, #AuratMarch2020, #WeRejectMeraJismMeriMrzi, #meraJismMeriMarzi, #MeraJismMeriMrzi, #khalilurrehman and #MarviSirmed

However, some people think differently.

#AuratMarch, #AuratMarch2020, #WeRejectMeraJismMeriMrzi, #meraJismMeriMarzi, #MeraJismMeriMrzi, #khalilurrehman and #MarviSirmed
#AuratMarch, #AuratMarch2020, #WeRejectMeraJismMeriMrzi, #meraJismMeriMarzi, #MeraJismMeriMrzi, #khalilurrehman and #MarviSirmed

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