Khalil ur Rehman and Marvi Sirmed heated argument on LIVE TV

Pakistani writer and director Khalil ur Rehman Qamar and Pakistani Journalist Marvi Sirmed got into a very heated argument on live television over discussing the subject of Aurat March 2020 or more specifically the slogan “Mera Jism Meri Marzi (My body my choice)“.

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Khalil ur Rehman has a heated argument with Marvi Sirmed on live TV.

Khalil ur Rehman and Marvi Sirmed were both present on live television on Neo News along with another guest Mulana Faiz Muhammad. Everybody was getting their turn to speak on the matter and express their opinion.

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When Rehman started speaking and expressing how he thinks about the slogan “Mera Jism Meri Marzi“, Marvi started chanting the slogan which irritated Rehman leading him to use offensive language against Marvi Sirmed.

Khalil ur Rehman went as far as to say:

Teray Jism main hai kya bibi,

thokta nahi hai koi ap k jism py,

ghatiya aurat,

All the while, the host Ayesha Ehtisham was shocked and was trying to stop Marvi from speaking in between and interrupting.

Things were already heating up and if that wasn’t enough, Khalil ur Rehman went as far as to use even more extremely offensive language against marvi saying:

Ullu ki Pathi

Now many people are asking why Ayesha Ehtisham only tried to stop Marvi Sirmed from speaking up and did not focus on stopping Khalil ur Rehman from using that sort of language.

Ayesha Ehtisham did explain why she didn’t stop him on an interview with 24 News where she explained that she was shocked at what was going on and didn’t quite know what to do in the moment.

The Lahore High Court (LHC) has given a green signal to Aurat March 2020 which is the largest women rights event in the country but told organizers that participants adhere to “decency and moral values”.

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PEMRA took notice of the incident and have issued their response on the matter too.

PEMRA notice.

Twitter has been trending all morning regarding this specific topic with people being divided on who was in the wrong here.

Tweets in support of Khalil Ur Rehman:

#AuratMarch #khalilurrehmanqamar
#AuratMarch #khalilurrehmanqamar
#AuratMarch #khalilurrehmanqamar

Tweets in support of Marvi Sirmed:

#AuratMarch #khalilurrehmanqamar
#AuratMarch #khalilurrehmanqamar
#AuratMarch #khalilurrehmanqamar

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  1. No honourable man can use the language on media as seen and heard, such short tempered arrogant, uneducated clown must never be exposed on the TV.

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