Meera jogging near White House ask for social distancing

Meera the Pakistani film actress if full of surprises, she captured herself jogging near the White House and asks her followers for social distancing.

One must notice the coronavirus outbreak is still at its peak, some people just cannot stop being what they are.

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She has shared the footage of her jogging near White House on her Instagram account with a caption

Health is wealth health awareness #coronavirus practicing social distancing, with the ones I love stay safe lovely walk alone outside in the park practicing social distancing. Stay safe during #corona@whitehouse @ #washingtondc

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She is heard saying I am in front of the White House.

She urges everyone to wash hands, again and again, and improve your immune system to prevent from contracting coronavirus.

She also goes on to say that, take this isolation period as an opportunity to remember Allah and ask for his forgiveness.

Earlier this week Meera had shared a video to create awareness of the coronavirus. In her video, she had asked people to keep good hygiene practices and eat halal food.

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People appreciate Meera

People over social media appreciate Meera for giving motivation to the depressed masses.

They also pray for her safety and health. Time and time again Meera has been giving her motivational little speeches on different occasions.

Especially in the time like this when coronavirus has gripped the world and taken many lives, she is really being appreciated. After knowing the virus is airborne as well she should avoid going out like this though.

Stay Safe Meera!

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