Russian Vocalist Faniya Khaliullova Dies Performing at Concert

RUSSIA: Russian vocalist Faniya Khaliullova suddenly falls while performing at concert and dies of heart attack.

The famous and dedicated singer was only 53. The well known singer suddenly suffered a heat attack while performing a powerful song in a concert.

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The Russian vocalist fell down suddenly in the middle of her song leaving the audience in the fully packed theater in horror.

Faniya Khaliullova was an extremely dedicated singer and teacher, and a tireless presenter of all Tatar celebrations. The talented Tatar performer was rushed to hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The Medics informed her heart stopped in the middle of her song. The performance was being held in Dimitrovgrad. Dimitrovgrad is the second largest city in Russian Ulyanovsk region.

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The head of Ulyanovsk regional culture ministry Yevgenia Ulyanova said:

“The whole city is shaken and shocked by Faniya’s death,”

“Faniya will be forever remember by everyone in the city for her energy, professionalism and kindness.”

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