TikToker Umair Awan making comeback with single Hasdi Haan

Umair Awan, the soulful voice behind the hit single Cute Jehi Look, is ready to set the internet on fire yet again, this time with a fresh solo Hasdi Haan. Teaming up with Nadeem Mubarak, Rabeeca Khan and other platform mates, the artist has already taken his forthcoming musical video behind the lenses.  

Umair Awan
Tiktoker Umair Awan is making a comeback with new single

The Chinese-originated video sharing platform TikTok provided brandish identity to youth in Pakistan. With its lip-syncing and acting features, it served as a successful walkway into the entertainment industry. Consequently, many talented individuals like Jannat Mirza and Areeka Haq etc. made their paths to the limelight. The starlets were featured in musical videos of Bilal Saeed and Asim Azhar respectively.

Other than that, we observe tons of Tiktokers like Kanwal Aftab, Zulqarnain Zia, Hasnain Ali and Minahil Malik to name a few, performing as models every now and then. Hence, TikTok really won these skilled young actors, a notable rank in mass media universe.    

Furthermore, in Pakistan, the Tiktok platform was not limited to acting only. Many young artists gained popularity for their magical vocals also. And, after winning the appreciations of huge population, these young singers and composers were spotted in their self-produced musical tracks. Hence, songs like Tere Sadqy by Mehmood J, Wedding Sehra by Mazhar Ali and Hua Jo Pyaar by Salman Noman etc. were all joint efforts of these Tiktok actors-singers team. And, here to mention, the records were massive hits and garnered millions of views on YouTube.

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Umair Awan – Cute Jehi Look

Among these Tiktok songsters, names the young, emerging Tiktoker and vocalist Umair Awan, who gained wide recognition through his upbeat single Cute Jehi Look. The Hip Hop track, with its lyrics in Punjabi, was cherished all over Pakistan as it garnered 12.5 million views on its official video. The song was a group effort of Tiktokers Nadeem Mubarak, Ali Khan, Zarnab Fatima and Umair Awan, who were also the part of moving sound track.

Umair Awan

It is pertinent to mention that Cute Jehi Look was not the first ever album of Umair Awan. The artist had previously released solos like Teri Yadein, Teriyan Judaiyan, Ashique and Changi Lagi Menu Tu, which were equally popular.

Hasdi Haan on its way

Hence, the much celebrated young artist Umair Awan is back in the game. The Tiktoker, teaming up with producer Nadeem Mubarak, is ready to rock the stage with another single Hasdi Haan, approaching real soon.

In addition, the upcoming soundtrack also features the beautiful Rabeeca Khan, which adds to its high anticipation.

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