10 foods to avoid on an empty stomach

Empty stomach is like a cotton ball or delicate fiber that needs to be taken care of the right way. Here we discuss 10 foods to avoid on an empty stomach especially in the morning since when you go to sleep every night, your internal organs also catnap. Therefore, in the morning, you need to be cautious with meals and intakes as ignorance might lead you to a number of disorders.

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10 foods to avoid on an empty stomach.

Our body takes quiet sometime to get back to its normal metabolism. However, there are number of food products that badly affect our body’s health, especially when consumed in an empty stomach. Below enlisted are 10 most common and widely used breakfast essentials that needs to be eliminated from your early morning meals.

10 foods to avoid on an empty stomach:

 1. Sweets and sugary products

Avoid foods high in sugar content.

Sugars consumption at any time increases glucose levels in the body. Eating sugar and other sweet products like chocolates, ETC in an empty stomach increases the insulin levels. This results in overload of work on pancreas that has just woken up.


Also, excessive sugar intake precisely in early morning leads to diabetes. Hence, should be avoided in an empty stomach.

2. Bananas

Avoid eating bananas in the morning for breakfast.

As surprising as it may sound, bananas are not necessarily a healthy meal to eat in an empty stomach. Bananas are rich in magnesium and can suddenly boost magnesium levels in blood if taken in an empty stomach. This causes destructive effects on heart and its activity. 

3. Pastries and bakery products

Avoid eating pastries and bakery products on an empty stomach.

Bakery products like pastries, croissants and pizzas might be your desired breakfast, however these products contains yeast that destroys the stomach lining when consumed early morning. This might welcome flatulence and other gastric problems hence should be avoided in an empty stomach.


4. Cold Carbonated drinks

Avoid drinking cold carbonated beverages.

Carbonated beverages and sodas in an empty stomach cam damage mucous membrane of the abdomen. This leads to constipation as digestion process is slowed.

5. Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are another thing to avoid.

Lemon, grape-fruit and other citrus fruits provides numerous health benefits. However, if taken in an empty stomach these could lead to gastritis and gastric ulcers. Additionally, excessive intake of citrus fruits also affects heart negatively, causing heart burn and other cardiac disorders.

In addition, Moreover, too much fiber and fructose in fruits can also slow down your digestive system.


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6. Green veggies

You may have heard green vegetables are good and although that might be true, avoid them on an empty stomach especially in the morning.

Green vegetables like cucumber, lettuce and capsicum should be avoided early morning as they are likely to cause flatulence, constipation, gastritis and abdominal pain, disturbing the whole metabolism.

7. Tomatoes

Avoid eating tomatoes.

The extremely beneficial priority ingredient tomato is rich in tannic acid. These acids are known to cause acidity and gastric ulcers. Hence, raw tomatoes or meals containing tomatoes are best to be avoided for breakfast.


8. Pears


Pears contain crude fiber that injures delicate mucous membrane if taken in an empty stomach.  

9. Spices

Avoid eating foods with too much spices.

Spicy meals especially the ones rich in red chili, green chili and black peppers disturb the abdominal mechanism. Not only in empty stomach, abundance of spices in your everyday meals leads to damage and irritation to gastric mucosa, followed by increased acid production.

10. Coffee

Surprising, right? Coffee might be the first thing you have for breakfast, but it isn’t exactly good for you especially in the morning.

Most commonly consumed breakfast product, coffee might help you freshen and energize after a peaceful slumber. But to your surprise, it stimulates the secretion of hydrochloric acid in the digestive system that causes gastritis in majority people.


To conclude, breakfast is the most essential meal of whole day and skipping it is not an option. Also, healthy breakfast maintains your body’s internal health, keeping it in form and tough for long period. Therefore, eliminate above mentioned products from your early morning meals and start eating healthy.

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