Ehsaas Registration Centers List [Updated]

Here is the complete ‘Ehsaas Registration Centers List‘ for all districts in Pakistan (where an official center is operational), including their contact numbers. This page will be updated periodically to include establishment of any new office/center.

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Ehsaas Registration Centers List [Updated].

At least one desk registration centre will be set up in each Tehsil of all districts across Pakistan according to the official Ehsaas Portal.

Read more: Ehsaas Kafaalat Program 2021 Application, Eligibility Status Check.

About Ehsaas Registration Centers in Pakistan

Ehsaas Registration Centres have been established across different districts in Pakistan to identify deserving people for Ehsaas Kafaalat Program, which is an initiative established by the government to help poorest women across the country.

This is done through the National Socio-Economic Registry survey available through Ehsaas NADRA Desk Registration Centres.

Previously, we shared a list of Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program Registration Centers in Pakistan which is now outdated as more offices have been established across different districts in the country. This new list has been updated to include all current Ehsaas Registration Centers.

Ehsaas Kafaalat Program 2021

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Ehsaas Kafaalat Programme 2021

Ehsaas Kafaalat is the Government’s programme through which it will give cash stipends of Rs. 2,000 monthly to bank accounts of the most deserving and poorest women across the country.

Through a parallel Ehsaas policy initiative, women will also get better access to smartphones, as a step towards digital inclusion. For the programme, beneficiaries will be identified through a household survey and through Ehsaas NADRA Desk Registration Centers assisted by SMS and Kafaalat web-service.

Ehsaas Emergency Cash ProgramApplication Status Check

If you are looking to check the status of your Ehsaas Emergency Program application, please check our complete guide on how to do that on the link provided below.

Read more: Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program Portal to check Application Status.

Ehsaas Registration Centers List, Ehsaas Registration Centres List, Ehsaas Registration Centers, Ehsaas Registration Centres, Ihsaas Registration Centers, Ehsaas Kafaalat
Ehsaas Registration Centres List.

Ehsaas Registration Centers List

The Ehsaas Registration Centers List will be updated periodically. Last updated: 19 April, 2021.

S.NoDistrictSite NameAddressContact Number
1AbbottabadBto HavelianNear Girls Degree College, Char Sajikot Road Havelian0992813294
2AbbottabadBto AbbottabadH#57, Street # 17, Pma Kakul Road Shahzaman Colony, Abbottabad.0992341260
3AwaranJhal JaoUnder Go0819211641
4AwaranAwaranUnder Go0819211641
5AwaranGishkoreUnder Go0819211641
6AwaranMashkaiUnder Go0819211641
7BadinTando BagoTalqa Civil Hospital Premisis Near Degree College Tando Bago0298550660
8BadinMatliGovt. Monotechanical Institute Matli0298550660
9BadinBto BadinBisp Office Badin03332514455
10BadinGolarchiOld Mukhtairkar Residence Neare0298550660
11BadinBadinElementry College Agrovil Coloony0298550660
12BadinBto TalharBisp Office Talhar03332514455
13BadinTalharMukhtairkar Office Talhar0298550660
14BahawalnagarBto Chishtian Tehsil OffUnder Go0610000000
15BahawalpurBto Bahawalpur CityGoheer Town Near Allama Iqbal College Hasilpur Road Bahawalpur0622881865
16BahawalpurBto Bahawalpur SaddarGoheer Town Near Allama Iqbal College Hasilpur Road Bahawalpur0622881865
17BahawalpurBto Ahmedpur East 2Under Go00000000
18BahawalpurBto Ahmadpur EastHouse#13-Y, Satellite Town, Ahmadpur East0622274452
19BahawalpurBto YazmanHouse#83/D Low Income Housing Scheme Yazman Mandi, District Bahawalpur0622702368
20BahawalpurBto Khairpur TamewaliNear Khan Gah Sahrif Gulshan-E-Khuda & Tma Office Tehsil Khairpur Tamewali0622261212
21BahawalpurBto HasilpurHouse#30, Gulburg Town, Bahawalpur Road, Hasilpur0622443010
22BahawalpurBto Bahawalpur DivsionBisp Divisonal Office032111223344
23BajaurBto NawagaiCivil Colony, Tehsil Nawagai, Bajaur.942240099
24BannuBto DomelHouse No.282/A, Phase 1, Bannitownship0928633280
25BannuBto BannuHouse No.282/A, Phase 1, Bannitownship0928633204
26BarkhanBarkhanUnder Go0819211641
27ChagaiChagaiUnder Go0819211641
28ChagaiTaftanUnder Go0819211641
29ChagaiNokundiUnder Go0819211641
30ChagaiDalbandinUnder Go0819211641
31ChakwalKalar KaharTma Office Hall0519108121
32ChakwalChoa Saidan ShahCivil Rest House0519108121
33ChakwalLawaLibrary Hall Ac Office0519108121
34ChakwalChakwalDistrict Complex Talagang Road0519108121
35ChakwalBto ChakwalH. No. Mcb-3/440, Mohalla Saddique Abad, Line Park, District Chakwal0543550224
36ChakwalTalagangTma Office0519108121
37CharsaddaBto CharsaddaMardan Road Near Peshawar Model School, Bisp Office Charsadda0916514827
38CharsaddaBto TangiMohalla Ghairat Khel, Barazai Tangi, Charsadda0916555184
39CharsaddaBto ShabqadarNear Post Office Main Matta Road, Shabqadar Charsadda000000000000
40D. I. KhanBto Dikhan 1Kobab Colony West Circuler Road Dikhan0966850700
41D. I. KhanBto PaharpurNusrat Town Tanchy Road Paharpur0966775007
42D. I. KhanBto Daraban KalanMohala Kirri Bakhteyar Draban Kalan0966790127
43D. I. KhanBto D I KhanKobab Colony West Circuler Road Dikhan0966732634
44D. I. KhanBto Darban 2Mohala Kirri Bakhteyar Draban Kalan0966790127
45D. I. KhanBto ParoaMohalla Balochan Wala Tehsil Office Paroa0966760027
46D. I. KhanBto KulachiBisp Office Kulachi City0966760027
47DaduBto DaduPlot#06, Ward#169, Markhpur Near Excise Office, Dadu0000000000000
48DaduJohiGovt. School Kamal Khan Johi0719310858
49DaduBto Khairpur Nathan ShahH.No.270/1316, Street#329,Deh Fateh Pur, Khairpur Nathan Shah0254720203
50DaduMeharGovt Community Center, Mehar0719310858
51Dera BugtiBaikerUnder Go0819211641
52Dera BugtiPehlawaghUnder Go0819211641
53Dera BugtiLotiUnder Go0819211641
54Dera BugtiPir KohUnder Go0819211641
55Dera BugtiSuiUnder Go0819211641
56Dera BugtiSangsillahUnder Go0819211641
57Dera BugtiDera BugtiUnder Go0819211641
58Dera BugtiMalamUnder Go0819211641
59FaisalabadBto JaranwalaMain Garden Colony, Near Heaven Marriage Hall, Jaranwala0414715680
60FaisalabadBto Chak JhumraP-17, Mohalla Islam Abad, Near Sui Gas Office, Chak Jhumra0418761040
61FaisalabadBto SammundriHouse No. 347, Housing Colony No.02, Gojra Morr, Sammundri0413423457
62FaisalabadBto Faisalabad CityP-49, Farhad Street, Saeed Colony, No.2, East Bank Canal Road, Faisalabad0412421308
63FaisalabadBto Tandlian WalaCanal Colony Nazir Town, Near Darbar Peer Tali, Tandlian Wala0413442112
64FaisalabadBto Faisalabad Saddar 1Under Go03450796818
65FaisalabadBto Faisalabad SaddarSt#03, Mujahid Town, Kehkishan Colony, Last Bus Stop Jaranwala Road, Dhudi Wala, Faisalabad2412424749
66FaisalabadBto Faisalabad City 1Under Go03450796818
67GhotkiBto Ghotki 1Cs No. 452, Ward C, Deh Odhar Wali, Muhalla Citizen Colony , Ghotki0723680082
68GhotkiBto UbauroH.No190 Near Mehran High School Deh Sonan Town/ Muslim Colony Near Mehran School Ubauro0723680082
69GhotkiBto Ghotki 2Excise And Taxation Office0723680082
70GwadarBto GwadarUnder Go0819211641
71GwadarJiwaniUnder Go0819211641
72GwadarOrmaraUnder Go0819211641
73GwadarSuntserUnder Go0819211641
74HafizabadHafizabadDistrict Complex03216209341
75HafizabadPindi BhattianUnder Go03450796818
76HafizabadJalalpurUnder Go03450796818
77HaripurBto GhaziNear Dola Khan Masjid, Post Office Road, Ghazi0919217373
78HaripurBto HaripurNear Madina Steel, Shah Muhammad, Gt Road, Haripur0995319706
79HarnaiHarnaiUnder Go0819211641
80HarnaiShahrigUnder Go0819211641
81HarnaiKhostUnder Go0819211641
82HyderabadHyderabad CityG.P.S Sardar Khan Colony Male Primary School Phulelli0298550660
83HyderabadHeerabadKkf Hospital Near Railway Station Heerabad05190393194
84HyderabadPredabadPretabad Zacha Khana05190393194
85HyderabadLatifabadGovt Primary School Latifabad No.07 Besides Mukhtair Office Hyderabad0298550660
86HyderabadHyderabadUc Moosa Khatiyan Tando Jam0298550660
87HyderabadQasimabad 1Shoro Goth Qasimabad0298550660
88HyderabadBto Hyderabad RuralBisp Site Hyderabad Rural0223439108
89HyderabadBto LatifabadBisp Office Latifabad0223439108
90HyderabadBto Divisional HyderabadBisp Site Divisional Office Hyderabad0223439108
91HyderabadHyderabad City2Town Committee Building Hoosri Hyderabad0229200299
92HyderabadQasimabadSrtc Comples Opposite Indus Hotel0298550660
93HyderabadBto QasimabadBisp Office Qasimabad0223439108
94IslamabadNadra HqNadra Hq Islamabad051-39393939
95IslamabadG 7 MarkazSitara Market G7 Markaz0610000000
96JacobabadGarhi KhairoGovt Boys Primary School Dodapur0719310858
97JacobabadBto JacobabadDegree College Jacobabad0722654872
98JacobabadThulGovt Main Primary School Near Jamia Masjid0719310858
99JaffarabadUsta MuhammadUndergo0819211641
100JaffarabadBto GandhakaUnder Go0819211641
101JaffarabadBto Usta MohammadUnder Go0819211641
102JaffarabadBto Dera Allah YarBhargan Mohalla Near Bus Stop Dera Allah Yar0819211641
103JamshoroThano Bula KhanMukhtairkar Office Thana Bula Khan0298550660
104JamshoroSehwan SharifGovt Technaical College Dargah Road Sehwan Sharif0298550660
105JamshoroKotriLabour Hall U.C Allah Bachyo Site Area Kotri0298550660
106JamshoroManjhandIn Process0298550660
107JamshoroBto KortiBisp Office Kotri0223439108
108Jhal MagsiGandawaUnder Go0819211641
109Jhal MagsiMir PurUnder Go0819211641
110Jhal MagsiJhal MagsiUnder Go0819211641
111KachhiBala NariBhu Building, Near Haji Sher High School, Sub Tehsil Bala Nari, Kachi0819211641
112KachhiDhadarUnder Go0819211641
113KachhiKatanUnder Go0852412508
114KachhiSanniUnder Go0852412508
115KachhiBto DhadarUnder Go0819211641
116KachhiMachUnder Go0819211641
117KalatBto KalatUnder Go0819211641
118KalatMangocharRcd Highway0819211883
119KalatGazgKilli Mengl Abad Gazk0819211883
120KalatSurabMain Bus Ada, Surab0819211883
121KalatKalatMain Bazar Kalat0819211883
122KalatJohanKilli Muhammad Azam Bangulzai, Johan0819211883
123Kambar Shahdad KotBto NasirabadShaikh Muhala Nasirabad0744710714
124Kambar Shahdad KotBto Kambar Ali KhanNadra Building Near Tehnical College Kamber0744710714
125Kambar Shahdad KotBto ShahdadkotBago Road Shahdadkot, Tehsil Office, Shahdadkot0744013353
126Karachi CentralGulberg 1Uc 35 Moosa Colony02135074166
127Karachi CentralGulberg 3Uc 26 Alnoor02135074166
128Karachi CentralBto North NazimababUc 9 Liaqatabad Town02136684420
129Karachi CentralNazimabadUc 39 Abbasi Shaheed02135074166
130Karachi CentralNew Karachi 2Uc 09 Mustafa Colony02135074166
131Karachi CentralNew Karachi 1Uc 02 Gulshan Saeed02135074166
132Karachi CentralBto New KharachiTaluka Muncipal Office New Karachi0213679988
133Karachi CentralBto GulbergBlock 11 Gulshan-E-Iqbal Khi02134961010
134Karachi CentralGulberg 2Uc 30 Yaseenabad02135074166
135Karachi CentralMoosa ColonyMoosa Colony02135074166
136Karachi CentralLiaquatabadUc 50 Rizvia Society02135074166
137Karachi CentralNorth Nazimabad 2Uc 22 Hydri02135074166
138Karachi CentralBto LiaquatabadUc 9 Liaqatabad Town02136684420
139Karachi CentralNorth Nazimabad 1Uc 19 Mustafabad02135074166
140Karachi CentralNew Karachi 3Uc 05 Hakeem Ahsan02135074166
141Karachi EastGulzarehijriUc 29 Gulzar-E-Hijri02135382737
142Karachi EastBto Jamshed TownBlock 11 Gulshan -E-Iqbal Khi02134961010
143Karachi EastBto Gulshan E IqbalBlock 11 Gulshan -E-Iqbal Khi02134961010
144Karachi EastBto Divisional KarachiHouse No B-39 Gulshan-E-Iqbal Karachi02134961010
145Karachi EastFaisal Paf CantonmentUc Faisal Cantonment02135382737
146Karachi EastFerozabad 3Awami Markaz02135074166
147Karachi EastFerozabad 2Numaish Chorangi02135382737
148Karachi EastJamshed Quarters 3Uc 16 Soldier Bazar/Nishtar Park02135382737
149Karachi EastJamshed QuartersUc 01 Akhter Colony02135382737
150Karachi EastGulshaneiqbalUc 24 Jamali Colony02135382737
151Karachi EastFerozabadUc Chanesar Goth02135382737
152Karachi EastBto Regional Office KhiBlock 11 Gulshan -E-Iqbal Khi02199333067
153Karachi EastJamshed Quarters 2Uc 03 Azam Basti02135382737
154Karachi KorangiKorangi 1Uc 24 Zaman Town02136343858
155Karachi KorangiModel Colony 2Uc202135382737
156Karachi KorangiKorangi 2Uc Hajrabad02136343858
157Karachi KorangiLandhi 2Uc Sharafi Goth02136343858
158Karachi KorangiLandhi1Zamanabad02135382737
159Karachi KorangiBto KorangiHouse No 188 Block-D Korangi Crossing02132642328
160Karachi KorangiKorangi 3Uc 35 Chakra Goth02136343858
161Karachi KorangiKorangi 4 Uc 34Uc 34 Nasir Colony02135074166
162Karachi KorangiModel Colony 1Uc Indus Mehran02136343858
163Karachi KorangiBto Shah FaisalHouse No 97 216 Darakshan Housing Society02134116863
164Karachi KorangiBto LandhiHouse No 188 Block-D Korangi Crossing02134116863
165Karachi KorangiShah FaisalUc 10 Shahfaisal Colony02136343858
166Karachi MalirMurad MemonUc 11 Murad Memon Goth02135074166
167Karachi MalirIbrahim Hydri 1Uc Lath Basti02135074166
168Karachi MalirGadapUc Konkar Gadap02135074166
169Karachi MalirBin QasimUc Bin Qasim Morero Hall02135074166
170Karachi MalirShah MureedUc Shahmureed02135074166
171Karachi MalirIbrahim Hydri 3Uc Chashma Goth02135074166
172Karachi MalirKorangi CreekUc 4202135074166
173Karachi MalirIbrahim Hydri 2Uc Ibrahim Haideri 102135074166
174Karachi MalirBto AirportHouse No 97 216 Darakshan Housing Society02134116863
175Karachi MalirBto Bin QasimTaluka Muncipal Office Bin Qasim02134110256
176Karachi MalirMalir CityKhohi Goth02135382737
177Karachi MalirBto GadapGulshan E Maymar02136832525
178Karachi MalirQuiedabadMurghi Khana02135074166
179Karachi MalirAirportUc Safoora/Airport Sub Division02125382737
180Karachi SouthClifton 1Uc 30 Clifton / Shah Rasool Colony02135382737
181Karachi SouthBto LyariChakiwara Lyari02132526537
182Karachi SouthBto SaddarDow Medical Collage Ma Jinnah Road Khi02132743159
183Karachi SouthSaddarUc Railway Colony02135382737
184Karachi SouthLyariUc 06 Moosalane02135382737
185Karachi SouthAram BaghUc 26 City Railway Colony02135382737
186Karachi SouthBto Divisional South KhiBlock 2 Near Ziauddin Hospital Khi02199251512
187Karachi SouthGardenUc 10 Jacob Line02135382737
188Karachi SouthCivil LinesHijrat Colony , Uc 2902135382737
189Karachi SouthClifton 2Uc 31 Kehkashan/ Gizri02135382737
190Karachi WestBto KemariBlock 2 Near Ziauddin Hospital Khi02199251513
191Karachi WestBto SiteAl Razi Dispensary Orangi No 1002132552233
192Karachi WestBto OrangiAl Razi Dispensary Orangi No 1002132552233
193Karachi WestBto BaldiaKmc Office Baldia02132552233
194Karachi WestBaldiaUc 30 Saeedabad02136343858
195Karachi WestManghopirUc Mangopir-I02136343858
196Karachi WestHarbour 2Uc Butta Village Harbour202136343858
197Karachi WestManoraUc Manoora Cant. Yunusabad02135074166
198Karachi WestOrangiUc 28 Bilal Colony02136343858
199Karachi WestMominabadUc 23 Mominabad West02136343858
200Karachi WestHarbour 1Uc 32 Muslim Mujahid Colony02136343858
201Karachi WestMauripurUc 01 Maripur02136343858
202Karachi WestSite AreaUc 08 Qasba Colony02136343858
203KarakBto Takhti NasratiNear Nadra Office, Tehsil Takhti Nasrati, Karak.0927250301
204KarakBto KarakTangori Chowk, Near Nadra Office, Akbar Jan Plaza, Tehsil & District Karak.0927211301
205KashmoreBto Kandh KotLocated Near Irrigation Bangalow, Naik Mohammad Soryani Road, Bypass0722573497
206KechBto TurbatCommissioner Road, Near Park Hotel Turbat0852412508
207KechDashtDasht Kuddan Dasht0819211641
208KhairpurBto KingriKingri Complex Cricket Ground,Kingri0243611039
209KhairpurBto Thari MirwahHouse No. 896, Situated Opposite Civil Court, Near Service Station, Thari Mirwah0243780124
210KhairpurBto Khairpur MirPlot # 02, Bhitai Colony, Near City School , Khairpur0243680213
211KhairpurBto GambatH.No 193, Shaikh Muhalla , Kissan Colony Gambat. 0334-36352660000000
212KhairpurBto Kot DijiTaluka Muncipal Office Govt Room0243680213
213KhanewalBto KhanewalUnder Go0610000000
214KharanBto KharanUnder Go0819211641
215KharanSubtohmulkCpec Road Uc Tho Mulk Kharan0819211641
218KhuzdarBto KarakhUnder Go0819211641
219KhuzdarBto NaalUnder Go0819211641
220KhuzdarWadhUnder Go0819211641
223KhuzdarBto KhuzdarNear Ali Hospital Khuzdar03322005767
224KhuzdarZehriUnder Go0819211641
225KhyberBto Landi KotalH No,D-12,Sector D-1,Phase-1 Opposite Tatara Park,Hayatabad Peshawar0915815421
226Killa AbdullahDobandiUndergo0819211641
227Killa AbdullahChamanUndergo0819211641
228Killa AbdullahKilla AbdullahUndergo0819211641
229Killa AbdullahBto ChamanUnder Go0819211641
230Killa AbdullahGulistanUndergo0819211641
231Killa SaifullahBto Killa SaifullahUnder Go0819211641
232Killa SaifullahLoibandMurgha Faqeerzai Sub-Tehsil Loi Band, Tehsil Muslim Bagh & District Killa Saifullah.0819211641
233KohatBto LachiDsp Zaheer Uddin Hujra, Khan Colony, Lachi Bala, Lachi.0922550040
234KohatBto KohatHouse#09, Sector#04, Gate#02, Kda, Kohat.09229260339
235KohatBto Kohat 1House #93, Sector # B-2, Phase 2,, Kda, Kohat09229260381
236KohluTamboo KohluUnder Go0819211641
237KohluKahanUnder Go0819211641
238KohluKohluUnder Go0819211641
239KohluMawandUnder Go0819211641
240KohluGrisaniUnder Go0819211641
241Lakki MarwatBto Lakki MarwatHouse Of Fida Hussain, Moh, Toti Abad, Lakki Marwat City0928633280
242Lakki MarwatBto Sarai NaurangKalim Ullah House, Near Mew Sabzi Mandi, Main D.I. Khan Road, Sarai Naurang0969350077
243LarkanaBto Larkana 2House No. 107, Situated At Sachal Sarmast Colony , Larkana0744756077
244LarkanaBto Bakrani1st Floor Mukhtiarkar Office Bakrani0744300060
245LarkanaBto Rato DeroUnder Go00000000
246LasbelaSonmianiUnder Go0819211641
247LasbelaBelaUnder Go0819211641
248LasbelaLakhraUnder Go0819211641
249LasbelaKanrajUnder Go0819211641
251LasbelaHubUnder Go0819211641
252LasbelaDurejiUnder Go0819211641
253LasbelaUthalUnder Go0819211641
254LasbelaGaddaniUnder Go0819211641
255LayyahBto ChoubaraWard#01, Near Gov. High School, Choubara0606440090
256LayyahBto Layyah CityH#141, Housing Colony#02, Near Awami Office Opposite Dr. Shafiq Chishti Clinic Bypass Road, Layyah0606420802
257LayyahBto Karor Lal EasonIsra Manzil, Ward#05, Karor Lal Eason0606811944
258LodhranBto Kehror PaccaUnder Go0610000000
259LodhranBto DunyapurUnder Go0610000000
260LodhranBto LodhranUnder Go0610000000
261LoralaiBoriUnder Go0819211641
262LoralaiDukiUnder Go0819211641
263LoralaiLoralaiUnder Go0819211641
264LoralaiMekhtarUnder Go0819211641
265Malakand P AreaBto MalakandOppossite Gpo, Markaz Abad, Batkhela, District Malakand.0932411028
266Malakand P AreaBto DargaiDargai Bazar, Near Timber Market Dargai, Malakand.932331301
267Mandi BahauddinPhaliaMunicipal Committee Meeting Hall Phalia District M.B.Din03460735115
268MardanBto MardanHouse # 162, Street # 06, Sector-L, Sheikh Maltoon Town Mardan03365557710
269MardanBto KatlangTehsil Chowk Katlang0937576414
270MardanBto Takht BhaiBisp Offic, Pati Qala Road Takht Bai0397551128
271MastungBto Mastung CityDpo Office Mastung Bisp Office0819211641
272MastungKhad KochaKumbela Dasht District Mastung0819211883
273MastungDasht MastungKumbela Dasht District Mastung0819211883
274MastungKirdgapKumbela Dasht District Mastung0819211883
275MatiariSaeedabadAssistant Commissioner Office Saeedabad0298550660
276MatiariMatiariAssistant Commissioner Office Matiari Near National Highway0298550660
277MatiariBto MatiariBisp Matiyari0223439108
278MatiariBto SaeedabadBisp Office Saeedabad0223439108
279MatiariHalaTaluka Municipal Administration Office Court Road Hala District Matyari,Opposite Nadra Office Hala0298550660
280MohmandBto Yakka GhundLive Stock Building, Ekkaghund Lower Mohmand, Mohmand Agency.0924225100
281MohmandBto Upper MohmandAgency Headquarter Ghalania Mohmand Agency0924290088
282MohmandBto HalimzaiAgency Headquarter Ghalanai, Mohmand Agency0924290088
283MohmandBto Amber Utman KhelLive Stock Building, Ekkaghund Lower Mohmand, Mohmand Agency.0924225100
284MultanBto Jalalpur PirwalaUnder Go0610000000
285MultanBto Divisional OfficeUnder Go0610000000
286MultanBto Multan SaddarUnder Go0610000000
287MultanBto Multan CityUnder Go0610000000
288MultanBto ShujabadUnder Go0610000000
289MusakhelMusakhelUnder Go0819211641
290MusakhelKingriUnder Go0819211641
291MusakhelDrugUnder Go0819211641
292MuzaffargarhBto MuzaffargarhUnder Go0610000000
293MuzaffargarhBto Kot AdduUnder Go0610000000
294NasirabadBto Dera Murad JamaliNear Civil Hospital Ward No.4 Town Area Dm Jamali0838710085
295NasirabadBto ChattarUnder Go0819211641
296NasirabadBaba KotNear Police Station Babakot0819211641
297NasirabadTambooTambu Sub Tehsil Manjoshori Near Tehsildar Office0819211641
298Naushahro FerozeBto Naushehro FerozeSurvey No 131 A, Roshan Colonynear Benazir Colony Naushero Feroze School N-Feroze0242481588
299Naushahro FerozeBto KandiaroNear Mehran City Railway Road Kandiaro00000000
300Naushahro FerozeBto MoroHired Plot No15a Survey No20 Ward No09 Bukhari Mohalla Moro.0242412550
301NowsheraBto NowsheraGombat Shah Baba,Shah Gul Araat Stop, Nowshera Kalan, Tehsil & District, Nowshera0923644624
302NowsheraBto PabbiVillage Kandi Tazadin, Near G.T.Road,Opposite Bacha Khan School, Tehsil Pabbi District Nowshera.0923528597
303NushkiBto NushkiUnder Go0819211641
304NushkiNushkiUnder Go0819211641
305PanjgurBto PanjgurUnder Go0819211641
306PanjgurGichkUnder Go0819211641
307PanjgurGowargoUnder Go0819211641
308PanjgurParomeUnder Go0819211641
309PeshawarBto Town IiiH #,06,Rehman Lane, Beside Abdullah Car Center, Tehkal Payyan Jamrud Road Peshawar0919331639
310PeshawarPeshawar 2H #,06,Rehman Lane, Opposite Nadra Mega Center, Tehkal Payyan Jamrud Road Peshawar091331649
311PeshawarBto Town IDaag Lara Palosi Road Main Warsak Road Peshawar0912322523
312PeshawarBto Town IiDaag Lara Palosi Road Main Warsak Road Peshawar0919330507
313PeshawarBto Town IvLala Rukh Colony Kohat Road Peshawar0915815421
314PeshawarBto Peshawar 1Tehkal Payyan Jamrud Road Peshawar091933179
315PeshawarBto Hayattabad PeshawarH No,D-12,Sector D-1,Phase-1 Opposite Tatara Park,Hayatabad Peshawar0915815421
316PishinBarshoreUnder Go0819211641
317PishinSarananUnder Go0819211641
318PishinBto KarezatUnder Go0819211641
319PishinBto PishinUnder Go0819211641
320QuettaBto Panj PaiPlot No. 2 Arbab Karam Khan Road Opposite Of Elemantary Boys College Quetta0812444433
321QuettaPanj PaiGirls High School, Abdul Latif Punjpai, District Quetta0819211883
322QuettaQuetta SaddarBoys High School, Killi Ismail, Quetta0819211883
323QuettaQuetta CityGirls High School, Mission Road Quetta0819211883
324QuettaBto Quetta SaddarPlot No. 2 Arbab Karam Khan Road Opposite Of Elemantary Boys College Quetta0812444433
325Rahim Yar KhanBto Liaqatpur Tehsil OffUnder Go0610000000
326RawalpindiHoly FamilyHoly Family Hospital0514000000
327S WaziristanBto WanaWana Pa Camp Office0965212965
328SangharBto Tando AdamH,No 14 Madina Town Near Bahria Girls College, Tando Adam0235574335
329SangharBto SangharNear Liaquat Market House No. # 758, Muhalla Rehmat Shah Chowk , Block -13, Tehsil Sanghar0235542205
330Shaheed Benazir AbadBto NawabshahHouse No. 53 & 54 Serfaraz Shah Colony Near Excise And Taxation Office Nawabshah, Dist Shaheed Benazirabad02449370312
331Shaheed Benazir AbadBto Kazi AhmedDost Mohammad Colony Near Civil Hospital Kazi Ahmed0244321324
332Shaheed Benazir AbadBto SakrandMustafa City, Mehrabpur Road Near Cinema Chowk, Sakrand, District Shaheed Benazirabad0244322162
333Shaheed Benazir AbadBto DaurHouse No. 1a/4 Ward No.3 Khanzada Mohalla Near Railway Station Daur Town.0244322162
334SheraniSheraniUnder Go0819211641
335ShikarpurBto LakhiBhatti Muhalla Near Jamia Masjid Lakhi0726572434
336ShikarpurBto Garhi YaseenAgha Salahuddin Educational Complex Garhi Yaseen0726572434
337ShikarpurBto KhanpurHouse No D-118, Muhalla Police Station Khanpur0726520854
338ShikarpurBto ShikarpurC.S No 20/35/2, Shikarpur0726520854
339SibbiSibiUnder Go0819211641
340SibbiLehriSecretary Union Council Lehri, Main Highway, Lehri0819211641
341SibbiBhagUnder Go0819211641
342SibbiKotmandaiUnder Go0819211641
343SibbiSanganUnder Go0819211641
344SibbiBto SibiUnder Go0819211641
347SohbatpurBto SohbatpurUnder Go0819211641
348SohbatpurBto FaidabadUnder Go0819211641
349SujawalMirpurbatharoSoho House Mehar Shah Mohallah0298550660
350SujawalBto SujawalHouse No. 224, Bus Stand Colony, Near Qasmi Madrsa, Sujawal District Thatta0298510142
351SujawalSujawalRamzan Mirbahar House Ward No 6 Haqabad Colony0298550660
352SujawalShah BanderNazir Khalifo House Hindu Mohallah0298550660
353SujawalKharachanAli Akbar House Pathan Colony0298550660
354SujawalJatiSamjan Muhalla03138592662
355SukkurBto Saleh PatGovernment Higher Secondary School, Union Council Saleh Pat0000000000000
356SukkurBto RohriQazi House Near Civil Court, Main Road Rohri0715660241
357SukkurBto Pano AqilHouse#01, Sadhuja Bypass, Pano Aqil00000000000
358SukkurBto SukkarPlot#B-257, Block-C, Akhuwat Nagar Colony, Sukkur0719310033
359SukkurNew SukkurTma Office, Bagarji, New Sukkur0719310858
360SwatBto BahrainNear Shell Petrol Pump, And Zong Towr , Bahrain, Swat0946780290
361Tando AllahyarBto Tando AllyarHouse No 296 Bisp Office Tando Adam Road Tando Allahyar023924361
362Tando AllahyarChambarAssistant Commissioner Office Chambar.0298550660
363Tando AllahyarTando AllahyarOld Social Welfare Dept Building Opposite Ibrahim Colony Chamber Road Tando Allahyar0298550660
364Tando AllahyarJhando MariJhando Mari0298550660
365Tando Muhammad KhanTando Ghulam HyderFamily Planning Hospital Near Mukhtiar Office, Tando Ghulam Hyder0298550660
366Tando Muhammad KhanBulri Shah KarimTaluka Administration Office Near Sindh Bank0298550660
367Tando Muhammad KhanTando Muhammad KhanGovt Monotechnical Institute Tmk0298550660
368TankBto TankStation Road, Tank City.0963510187
369ThattaBto Mirpur SakroHouse# 142-B Gharibabad, Mohalla Gharo, Mirpur Sakro, District Thatta0298760142
370ThattaBto ThattaDistrict Office Social Welfare, Jung Shahi Road, Makli Thatta0298770142
371ThattaKeti BunderMukhtiyarkar Office0298550660
372ThattaGhorabariChairman Town Committe0298550660
373VehariBto VehariUnder Go0610000000
374VehariBto MailsiUnder Go0610000000
375WashukNagUnder Go0819211641
376WashukMashkelGo On0819211641
377WashukBesimaMain Bazar Besima0819211641
378WashukWashukMain Bazar Washuk0819211641
379ZhobKashatooUnder Go0819211641
380ZhobAshwatUnder Go0819211641
381ZhobBto ZhobUnder Go0819211641
382ZhobSambazaUnder Go0819211641
383ZiaratZiaratNrc Ziarat0819211883

Ehsaas Status Portal

Ehsaas Kafaalat Program, Ehsaas Kafaalat, Ehsaas Kafaalat Programme, Ehsaas Kafaalat Registraion, Ehsaas Kafaalat Registration Online, Ehsaas Kafaalat Online Registration, Ehsaas Program, Ehsaas Registration Centers

You can also use the Ehsaas Portal to check for your application status regarding Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program. This portal has been launched for the convenience of applicants who had to wait for days to get an update through SMS.

We have made a complete guide on the use of this portal.

Read more: Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program Portal to check Application Status.

Here is a list of Ehsaas Programs introduced by the Government of Pakistan:

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