Airbus team will arrive to investigate PIA plane crash in Karachi

KARACHI: A team from the plane manfucturing company Airbus will be arriving in Karachi on Monday to carry out an investigation into the PIA plane crash involving an Airbus A320.

PIA plane crash
Airbus team to arrive in Karachi to investigate the PIA plane crash.

PIA flight PK-8303 made its journey from Lahore to Karachi where it crashed just seconds before landing at Jinnah International Airport taking the lives of 97 people out of 99 that were aboard the plane including the PIA crew.

The plane crashed at Karachi’s Model Colony in Jinnah Garden area dealing significant damage to houses as injuries to several on the ground as well.

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Airbus team will not carry its own investigation into the PIA plane cash which reportedly happened to due problems with the landing gear and engine failure. The transfer of objects from the crash site has been halted ahead of the team’s arrival.

Pakistan International Airlines will be assisting Airbus in its investigation along with Air France who will also assist the plane manufacturer in any way possoble.

Airbus also expressed its condolences to the families of the victims who lost their lives in the tragic incident on Friday.

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