CDA and ICT team up to remove encroachment on Eid Holidays

ISLAMABAD:  The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has constituted anti-encroachment teams for strict vigilance and removal of newly cropped up encroachments during the Eid-ul-Fitr holidays in different areas of the Federal Capital. These anti-encroachment teams will ensure effective monitoring of areas cleared from encroachment task and would also respond for removal of new encroachments during the Eid holidays.

In this regard, CDA has deputed Assistant Director Enforcement, Muhammad Iqbal Mughal as duty officer. He will monitor the performance and efficiency of anti-encroachment teams during Eid-ul-Fitr holidays.

A central control room has also been established by the Authority, which would be supervised by Assistant Director, Muhammad Iqbal Mughal. Citizen can lodge complaints against the encroachments on Mobile Number 0337-9244310.

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In the meanwhile, CDA in collaboration with District Administration has deputed teams to ensure smooth flow of traffic in Bhara Kau by removing the encroachments on both sides of Murree-Road during the Eid-ul-Fitr. People along with their families visit different recreational spots in Murree, faces severe traffic jam in Bhara Kau during Eid holidays as the encroachers establishes their stalls on both sides of the Murree Road. To resolve this issue, anti-encroachment teams with the cooperation of District Administration and Islamabad Police would not only remove these encroachments but would also ensure smooth flow of traffic between Islamabad and Murree.

Meanwhile, DC Islamabad shared a message on Social media – In the next few days 1 million people are expected to cross murree road near Bara Kahu. CDA, ICT, Police and Traffic are joining hands to ensure that this year there are no traffic jams this Eid. CDA will ensure removal of encroachments, police will ensure that naakas are speedy and tourists are not teased at the exit points. Magistrates will ensure that no one creates any situation. Traffic will ensure that there is smooth flow. Interior has issued strict directions that there should be no hurdle this year.

DIG and Deputy Commissioner have conducted coordination meetings. We expect civil society to support us and inform the traders of Bara Kahu Bazar to cooperate and ensure that there are no illegal parkings or encroachments on the main road. Islamabad Transport Authority is also negotiating with the public transport union to cooperate and ensure that tourists are looked after. Pindi Administration is deputing 300 personnel throughout the route to Murree and Galiat for their protection and welcome.

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