CDA Operation at Bahria Enclave and Kurri Road

ISLAMABAD: Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Islamabad District Administration (ICT) are carrying out anti-encroachment operation across the board.

CDA Operation at Bahria Enclave and Kurri Road

In this connection, CDA and Islamabad Administration has launched an operation against Bahria Enclave for retrieving 510 Kanal and 6 marla land under illegal occupation of the Bahria Enclave.

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CDA Operation at Bahria Enclave and Kurri Road
CDA Operation at Bahria Enclave and Kurri Road

CDA had issued notices not only to the Bahria Enclave administration but also to the residents of the buildings constructed illegal on the state land for voluntarily vacating the illegally occupied CDA land.

Upon expiry of the deadline, CDA and ICT Administration planned a comprehensive operation to retrieve state landKanalhowever, before the operation marla, Bahria Enclave administration started demolishing illegal construction on their own.

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CDA Operation at Bahria Enclave and Kurri Road
CDA Operation at Bahria Enclave and Kurri Road

Initially, Bahria Administration completely demolished Medical Care City building while 35% of the entry gate was also demolished. Furthermore, different commercial buildings are being vacated and would be demolished completely. Moreover, Red Chili Restaurant has also been vacated for demolishing.

Moreover, Enforcement Directorate carried out anti encroachments operations in Mozza Kurri, Mozza Rehara, Mouza Blagh, Mouza Maloot and 08 kilometer area on the both sides of the Kuri Road. During this operation, 144 rooms, 60 shops, 09 containers, 08 construction material stalls, 11 hotels, 07 marble stalls, 02 block factories, 02 marble factories, 02 nurseries and 04 service stations were also demolished.

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The operation was participated by staff / officers of Enforcement Directorate, relevant officers / staff of ICT, officers of Land and Rehabilitation Directorate. While heavy contingent of police was also deployed during the operation. Furthermore, heavy machinery of MPO Directorate and other formations of CDA were also utilized.

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  1. Terrible condition at Lehtrar Road also. Specially from Tramri chwk to Sultana Foundation. At Ali pur bank stop , the vendors and ” reeri waalas” have occupied the road. The pedestrians have no place to use pavement (footpath) as it z da “business area”

  2. All illegal constructions should be demolished including Banigala. No person should be considered beloved one.

  3. At least in one prominent encroachment case, the concerned muncipality officials be hauled up and given exemplary punishment for connivance with corrupt elements of the society.

  4. Very correct action, long overdue and a must to cleanup and save the city from corrupt dealers.
    Almost all of Murree Road in pindi has been encroached by car dealers, no action taken due to corrupt RDA staff who hold jumma car bazaar of stolen vehicles there .

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