Kamyab Jawan Program: Loan Disbursement to start from December

ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Youth Affairs, Usman Dar said the youth have shown immense interest in Kamyab Jawan Program. Loan disbursement under this program will start from December this year.

Usman Dar addressed a news conference today in Islamabad and said 200,000 applications are received already.

He is determine and confident that the program will be a game changer for the economic development of the country.

He also assured that the program will be kept transparent and free from political interference and the main purpose of The Program is to help the youth stand on their feet.

The next phase of the program will try to fix quota for the disabled and the minorities.

He reiterated there will be no mark up on the loan amounting to 100,000/- rupees.

Six percent interest rate will be levied on loan amounting to more than 100,000/- to 500,000/- rupees.

Eight percent interest rate will be levied on loan more than 500,000/- to 5,000,000/- rupees.

Only one member of the household will be eligible to avail the loan.

PM Imran Khan had officially inaugurated the The Program on October 17. PM Khan had also mentioned the upcoming two program for the youth. They are “Green Youth Movement” and “StartUp Pakistan”


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