Karachi Public Transporters call for strike after CNG Prices hiked

KARACHI: The Transporters alliance in Karachi calls for a strike due to the recent hike in CNG Prices in Sindh.

The Government increased CNG Prices by Rs 20, latest CNG Price is Rs 123 per kg.

The Public Transport in Karachi goes on strike after the recent increase in CNG Prices

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Yesterday, Karachi Transport alliance leader Arshad Bhatti said that due to the heavy increase in CNG Prices it will be impossible to run buses.

Similarly, Private vehicles running on CNG are affected due to the recent hike in CNG Prices.

Recently, Pak Suzuki, Honda Atlas and Toyota Indus Motors (IMC) increased the prices of Automobiles.

Pakistan Railways increases 6 to 8 percent rail fares from 1 July, 2019.

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