Okara Man assaulted by ex wife over fifth marriage

The incident occured on Thursday , 9th July 2020. The Okara man was assaulted publicly by his 4th Ex-wife over getting married for the fifth time. Moreover, the man was marrying an immature 13 year old, that fumed her ex wife’s rage.

Okara man
Okara man confronted publicly by ex wife over 5th marriage

The Okara Man assaulting details:

This rare event took place in a crowded place. Jamal, the resident of Okara was confronted publicly by his 4th ex wife Humaira, who he had divorced recently. Although, assaulting someone publicly is against the law, but some people really ask for such actions. Above all, the Okara man allegedly married a minor, that is illegal and considered a crime.

The 4th ex wife of this Okara man seemed to be prearranged about the whole scenario. After beating up Jamal to her satisfaction, Humaira revealed previous marriage records of this obnoxious person. Jamal had married multiple times in the past, divorcing all his ex wives within a couple of months.

The crowd present enjoyed the whole on-going dispute and no one came to the rescue of this Okara man. Although they did support the courage and dignity of his ex wife, who was a one woman army against her ex.

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Okara man

Above all, what made Humaira’s side of story the strongest was that she raised voice against the unauthorized marriage of a 13 year old. According to marriage laws of Pakistan, the women under 18 are considered to be naive and underage and marrying them even with their own will is illicit. Jamal not only do injustice to his ex wives, but also violated the marriage laws of the state.

Marriage in Islam:

Marriage is the most sacred part of any relation. However, for some people its nothing more than leisure activity. Islam does permit 4 marriages, but there are some rules, that majority of men do not bother about. Firstly, its not easy to fulfill the requirements of multiple wives, and you are not allowed to gather numerous spouses if you cannot treat them equally. Secondly and most importantly you require your current wife’s permission before tying knot again, that is highly avoided in our society.

Justice is never served when it comes to women in Pakistan. Although there are rules, but these type of cases are mostly overlooked. Similarly with this Okara man, when authorities failed to play their part, his brave wife had to take matters in her own hands and knock sense into Pakistani men, which she did quite perfectly.

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