Punjab Police Bans Use Of Mobile Phone During Duty Hours

LAHORE: IG Punjab Police Capt (retd) Arif Nawaz Khan bans the use of Mobile Phones during duty hours for the police officials. The decision came after the case of lady constable Faiza Nawaz when she spoke to media on her mobile phone while on duty.

Instead of showing departmental support to her the inspector general Punjab Police issued a notification to bar police officials from using mobile phones during duty hours. Punjab Police bans use of mobile phones instead.

Lady Constable Faiza Nawaz has given statement that she is resigning from her job. She has said her own layers are raising questions on her character. She is under lot of stress and admits she is not able to face the system. She also added she does not not where to go what to do? “Kill myself or commit suicide.”

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Lady Constable Faiza Nawaz Case

Advocate Ahmed Mukhtar was accused of violently slapping Faiza Nawaz in Ferozewala. She had just asked the advocate not to park his car at one of the ladies checkpoints.

Advocate Ahmed Mukhtar was registered in a case after DPO Sheikhupura Ghazi Salahuddin took notice of the incident.

Next day the accused was presented to the court by same Lady Constable. Advocate Ahmed Mukhtar was released on Saturday as his name was written as Ahmed Iftikhar in the First Information Report (FIR).

More Cases That Came To Light

Several more cases emerged in recent days of suspects deaths while in police custody due to torture. Videos emerges on social media of deaths caused by police torture. These videos had gone viral.

  • Salahuddin Ayub a mentally unstable man died while in police custody in Rahim Yar Khan.
  • Middle-aged man passed away in Lahore. He was tortured by Gujjarpura police in illegal torture cell that was unearthed last month.
  • Gardener Amir Masih died after being illegally detained in an alleged police torture cell in Lahore.

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People React To – Punjab Police Bans Use Of Mobile Phone During Duty Hours

The Notification

A communiqué sent to all Punjab police officers by the additional inspector general on behalf of the Punjab IG reads.

The authoority has observed that the police officials are still using mobile phones while on duty even after being instructed and conveyed to all field formations.

Frequent violations of these directions/SOPs reflect badly on the performance of supervising officers.

In future, no officer below the rank of SHO (Station House Officer) or in-charge of a deployed duty will use cellphone while on duty.

It is strictly forbidden” to make a video of police officers on duty or upload a video of police officers performing their duty.

Any violations of the order will entail “severe departmental action” against the police personnel involved and their supervisory officer

Punjab Police Bans Use Of Mobile Phone

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