Wrong Injection: Four Month Old Toddler Hamza Loses Life

KARACHI: Four month old toddler Hamza loses life after being administered wrong injection.

Resident of Orangi Town Karachi, Shah Khalid has lost his four-month-old son Hamza. The toddler was administered wrong vaccine.

This is not the first case of Doctor’s negligence, many young children have been losing their lives. The doctors are careless and not at the least concerned about the well being of their patients.

Many cases have emerged in the past but never was any doctor punished, nor their license taken away.

Little Hamza is not the first victim of doctor’s negligence nor will he be the last.

Previous Cases

Little Nashwa : Nine-month-old Nashwa had lost her battle for life and passed away in April 2019. Doctor’s administered wrong injection which had left her paralyzed and finally little angle passed away.

Saba Noor: Eight-year-old Saba Noor also lost her life due to medical negligence.

Saba Noor was also administered a wrong injection in Karachi hospital located at Gulsha-e-Iqbal 13D1. According to reports she was also administered wrong injection.

Little Razia : Little Razia also died due to same medical . She was only four-years-old.

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