Misuse of Government Vehicles

Misuse of Government vehicles is rampant in our society. Families of officers use them for shopping etc. Military vehicles have a unique colors and number plates. It is hard for military officers to use private purpose.

I suggest that the government should think of making civilian officials vehicles easily identifiable by either painting them with a unique color or writing a line for official use only.

Since there is a technology know as a tracker which can monitor and track vehicle, Military and Government officials vehicles should be under surveillance  for any misuse , there has been several incidents in which government vehicles were used for bombing and other terrorism activities, by tracking the vehicle, the authorities would be informed that their vehicles are being used, so the government and military can keep a check and balance ask the officer of misusing government vehicle. The Department should be formed which should keep an eye on these vehicles, I am sure we won’t see such activity as Mr. Ghayyas Ahmed mention

INCPak .

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