Amazon Music crosses 55 million subscribers worldwide

Amazon Music gets even closer to Apple Music as it cross 55 millioon subscribers on Wednesday.

Amazon Music Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Music.

Amazon president Steve Boom said regarding this:

We’re proud to reach this incredible milestone,

We’ve always been focused on expanding the marketplace for music streaming by offering music listener’s unparalleled choice because we know that different listeners have different needs.

There is still however a long way to go for Amazon Music if it wants to catch up to Spotify which has around 248 million users and around 113 million of them are paid subscribers.

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Although Amazon Music has been seeing good growth and according to the company there has been a increase of 50 percent in the number of Prime Service Subscribers who have upgraded to get an unlimited music option.

The cost of Amazon Prime is $119 in the United States and includes access to over two million songs and also includes Amazon’s fast deliveries when you buy something online from Amazon.

Amazon has seen growth in a lot of countries around the world and now the company is focusing more on its digital services including Amazon Prime video which is also becoming increasingly popular with some exclusive shows on the video streaming platform.

Although like Amazon Music, Prime Video also has a long way to go to compete with the likes of Netflix but with the way Amazon is going, its safe to assume that it will reach the target.

Some of the tech products Amazon has been focusing on includes their Prime Video, Cloud Services and products such as Amazon’s Alexa which is now a popular device across households in a lot places.

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