Plague Inc game removed from App Store in China

Plague Inc a popular game that is based around the premise of the players creating a virus and spreading it around the world has been pulled from the Apple App Store in China keeping in view the current coronavirus in the country that has taken thousands of lives.

Plague Inc Coronavirus Apple App Store
Plague Inc removed from Apple App Store in China amid coronavirus outbreak in the country.

According to the developer, the game was unavailable for download in China after the cyberspace watchdog ordered the removal of the game due to illegal content.

Coronavirus has so far taken 2,869 lives globally with 83,906 registered cases and the majority of them are in Hubei province of China where the virus originated.

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The game creator Ndemic Creations said:

We have a huge amount of respect for our Chinese players and are devastated that they are no longer able to access and play Plague Inc,

According to the company they are trying to get in touch with the Cyberspace administration and come to an arrangement with them and work on a solution to whatever concerns they may have with the game.

According to the developer, the game had been termed as educational by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention saying that the company was:

working with major global health organisations to determine how we can best support their efforts to contain and control COVID-19,

However, there were many users coming on Weibo criticizing the decision to pull the game from the App Store.

So far there are no updates on the matter and apple has not responded to the removal of the game from their App Store either.

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