Over 1 million Tweets asking PM IK to unban PUBG in Pakistan

Twitter has been trending all day with hashtag #ImranKhanPUBGKholo, a trend that has garnered over 1 million tweets requesting to unban PUBG in Pakistan after it has been almost a month since the online game was banned in the country.

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Players demand Prime Minister Imran Khan to unban PUBG in Pakistan with hashtag #ImranKhanPUBGKholo.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has gone against orders of the Islamabad High Court (IHC) keeping the online multiplayer game PUBG banned in Pakistan.

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This is outraged youth across the country who are demanding Prime Minister Imran Khan to take notice and unban PUBG in Pakistan as this is not just a game but rather a source of income towards many current and potential eSports gamers in Pakistan.

Banning the game doesn’t just affect those directly related to PUBG but overall eSports industry in the country as Vega eSports has already announced that it is departing from Pakistan due to poor stablity of the gaming industry in the country.

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The following are some of the reactions on Twitter with hashtag #ImranKhanPUBGKholo:


There are even those who are arguing about the potential benefits of gaming and asking why Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is only pointing towards the disadvantages which to be fair are towards the extreme end and don’t usually apply for everyone.


Even Pakistani singer Asim Azhar has spoken up against the ban offering his support in anyway possible to unban PUBG in Pakistan.

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