Suzuki Cultus 2017 Price, Specification and Review

The market for affordable hatchback cars in Pakistan is very high especially for urban traffic. Suzuki launched the 3rd generation of Suzuki Cultus 2017 in pakistan on 22nd April 2017.

Back in 2014 we were the first one to share the Review and Specs of Suzuki WagonR before it was launched.

In Pakistan Suzuki has always been among the titans in car manufacture “sales” right there with Honda and Toyota, in early 2017 they announced they’d be ending one of their most sold models the Suzuki cultus to replace with another 1000 cc hatchback named celerio in the international market however they will continue production of the Suzuki Mehran.

which sells almost 2500-3000 monthly as 80% of the parts are being prepared in Pakistan so it doesn’t look like it’ll go anywhere.

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Back to the topic then where were we? Oh yes the 2017 Suzuki Cultus the same one which doesn’t have airbags, abs brakes, ebd, and alloy rims.

The VXL model has them which costs RS 13,90,000. 1.39 million Pakistani Rupees

Suzuki Cultus 2017
Suzuki Cultus 2017 VLX Interior

The car is powered by 998cc 4 stroke 12 valve 3-cylinder engine producing 67 horsepower and 90nm of torque which doesn’t sound much impressive on paper but it does the job on a

lightweight hatchback. The first thing people ask me is about the fuel average which by company’s brochure is 20km/liter city and 22km/liter highway but in reality it’s 15 and about 17

if you drive on a light foot. It comes fitted with 165/65 R14 tires and steel rims (Stepony). Front Macpherson Strut with coil springs, Rear Torsion Beam with Coil Springs it should be okay

for city driving however don’t expect to take it on a race course or race anybody with it or the high center of gravity will surely tip you over and the small tires and the 760 kilo car don’t help either.

Suzuki Cultus 2017 Review by INCPak Team
Suzuki Cultus 2017

What disappointed me were that there are no abs or ebd braking systems in the car Suzuki being such a big brand should be able to provide these basic necessities in their 2017 model cars.

Now I wasn’t paid by any brand to endorse their product this whole article is unbiased from a petrol head, I live and breathe cars just clearing that up before anybody decides to get a little angry in the comments.

The interior is very simple and not clustered at all everything is in its right place the dials are easy to read. The steering position is alight I like the integrated player very much that was a nice touch. The AC does a good job chilling the cabin in Karachi Heat so it passes there in my books.

The seats aren’t the most comfortable seats in the market they’re a bit hard and on the rough side. At highway speeds there’s an awful lot of cabin noise and vibration I know we shouldn’t have to worry about those kind of things in a city car but these sort of easy fixes should be done by the company.

The success of this car even though considering the exorbitant price tag is it being locally manufactured and the parts being available in Local Markets side by side with 3s dealerships.

And since most people prefer 660cc-1000cc Japanese reconditioned vehicles which are being imported these vehicles face spare parts Issue and at very high rates might help keep this car in the market but according to the price tag Suzuki Cultus 2017 is more expensive than Suzuki Swift ex-factory stock price RS 1367000/- which is way more powerful and bang for your buck.

The only reason someone would buy a Suzuki cultus would be to able to say they bought the brand new cultus and show off although it has nothing new to offer.

Let’s hope they don’t make these mistakes of stepping on their model’s toes with the Suzuki Alto rumored to be locally produced like they did with the Cultus with the high price tag and less bang for buck than a higher class vehicle.

By Azhar Baloch  – INCPak Team

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