Xiaomi 100W fast charge tech expected to release next year

Almost 8 months ago Xiaomi announced it’s 100W fast-charge technology that they claimed could charge a 4000mAH battery in only 17 minutes. Xiaomi, earlier this week at a conference in China revealed that we can expect it’s new 100W fast charging tech to be commercially available next year. However, Xiaomi did not reveal much else about when exactly will we see the tech or which will be the first phone to have it. Xiaomi is however reportedly calling this new charging technology as the Super Charge Turbo.

Xiaomi 100W fast charge tech expected to release next year
Xiaomi Super Charge Turbo

It’s been a while since Xiaomi has been working on this new charge tech and it might not be too far off. According to some reports on Weibo, the 100W Super Charge Turbo could be coming out next year. That would be the right time for Xiaomi to release it because if they’re late, Vivo could release it’s 120W charging that they showcased earlier. Vivo’s 120W charging claims to charge a 4000mAH battery in only 13 minutes which is 5 minutes quicker than Xiaomi’s Super Charge Turbo. Vivo could also be commercially releasing the new charging tech sometime next year.

Once again sources on Weibo say that the phone most likely to have this new tech will be the Mi Mix 4 by Xiaomi. However, it is still too early to be a 100% sure.

The question still remains though, what kind of battery will Xiaomi use to sustain such high charging speeds. There isn’t a battery that exists that can take that kind of charge day after day without terrible degradation. The faster a Li-ion or Li-Po battery is charged the faster it deteriorates. They will need to find some workaround to that in order for this charge tech to be successful, otherwise people will be going through a lot batteries.

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