Brisbane man tortures and rapes female victim for 23 days

A 22 year old woman in Brisbane, Queensland was subjected to 23 days of constant physical and sexual abuse at the hands of Nicholas John Crilley, aged 34, who has now been handed seven life sentences.

Crilley kept the 22 year old young woman at his Bulimba home in Brisbane, Queensland and he subjected her to torture where she was beaten, burned, raped and even forced to perform sexual acts on a dog. The incident took place back in 2017 although the sentencing was made on Friday.

Brisbane Rape
Nicholas John Crilley, man who raped and tortured 22 year old woman for 23 days. Photos: Daily Mail.

The paramedics who found the woman thought she was head as her skin was purple and she smelled of decaying flesh according to the Brisbane District Court.

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The 22 year old suffered multiple broken bones, internal injuries as well as deep lacerations and burns over 46 percent of her body during her 23 day torture according to the court.

Judge Anthony Rafter said during the sentencing:

Her eyes were swollen shut, lips drawn back and discolored, and teeth were exposed. The left side of her face was missing all of the skin,

According to Daily Mail article on the incident, Crilley would burn the woman by throwing boiling water on her or by throwing acetone on her right leg and setting her on fire. Some of the wounds suffered became so severely infected that they became infested with maggots.

The victim was found stuck to a mattress by dried blood when she was found by the police and paramedics after Crilley himself called tripple zero emergency services.

The woman was taken to the hospital where she was put in an induced coma and recovered over the next eight weeks where she had to learn to speak, eat and walk again after the incident that has left her permanently disfigured around her face and head with large portions of her body covered in burns and scars.

Crilley was taken into custody by police which involved several car chases.

Judge Rafter at the time of sentencing read out of friend’s later who described Crilley as a “good human being” although the judge disagreed and said:

I would not describe you as an honourable person or a good human being.

Further saying that:

Your treatment of the (woman) was callous and cruel.

The Judge also said:

You engaged in systematic acts of degradation and torture. You took pleasure in the infliction of pain,

Your brutality took her to the edge of death.

The victim’s life will never be the same. Yet despite the terrible ordeal she has suffered, she displays courage, dignity and resilience.

Crilley was charged with 62 offences including spllying a dangerous drug, 18 counts of rape, sexual assault, grievous bodily harm, serious assualt, deprivation of liberty and torture.

Judge rafter handed Crilley five life sentences of 15 years and terms of up to 25 years imprisonmsent for the rape offences and two life sentences of 15 years for two counts of malicious act with intent with the sentences imposed to be served concurrently. Also, a serious violent offence declaration was made by the judge which means Crilley will have to serve at least 80 percent of his sentence before being eligible for parole.

It is important to mention that Crilley has already spent time in jail before this for multiple different conviction and he was already out on parole at the time when he tortured and raped his victim.

Some of his previous offences included drug possession, multiple assault charges including on a 19 year old woman.

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