Utrecht Shooting Suspect: Turkish born, Gökmen Tanis

NETHERLANDS: Police have identified Turkish Suspect named Gökmen Tanis responsible for the Utrecht Shooting this morning.

Three people have lost their lives and several are injured. Police have released the CCTV image of one of the suspect.

The suspect is identified as 37-year-old Gökmen Tanis, he is of Turkish origin.

The police have warned if seen by anybody not to approach him.

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“Do not Approach him, but call directly the Opsporingstip line 0800-6070.”

Officers have also found red Renault Clio which is possibly connected with the attack.

Utrecht Police have tweeted the image of the suspect and have said:

The police ask you to look out for the 37-year-old Gökman Tanis (born in Turkey) associated with the incident this morning at the #24oktoberplein in #Utrecht. Do not approach him but call 0800-6070.


The shooting was heard at several locations in Utrecht, the Dutch Counter-Terrorism Agency said.

Utrecht is located at 25 miles south of Amsterdam.

Jimmy de Koster who lives in the neighborhood said he was returning from his work when it happened. He said

” I was standing at the traffic lights on 24 October Square. I saw a woman between 20 and 30 laying on the ground. I heard three shots. Then I saw them running fast towards the woman and dragged her away. Then they fired again and let her go.”

Jimmy de Koster also said two of the men walked towards the old hospital.

Another eyewitness has said a man got up and started shooting with a big gun. She said she was at the back of the tram. The shooter seemed to be targeting people on the benches.

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The police have confirmed shooting at the local tram took place around the 24 Oktoberplein junctions at about 10:45 local time (09:45 GMT).

The Dutch government has raised the highest threat level 5.

Three air ambulances were sent at the site of the incident including several emergency units.

Dutch anti-terrorism co-ordinator Pieter-Jaap Aalbersberg have said
“We cannot exclude a terrorist motive,” in a news conference on Monday.

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